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Four Kaleidos Small Size

49 pieces
89 solves
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Thanks to RandomWorship (Kirsten) I finally learned to resize :-)


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Gail, I am going to leave you a comment on your most recent puzzle you have posted.....I would love to give you my email address.....that way we can have a ball chatting with each other if you doin't mind? Kathy :-)


Sorry for the late reply, Kathy. My bookmarks get filled up so fast, this ended up on Page 4 already in two days.

I didn't know laptops got hot either until you just told me. How can you return the favor, you ask? Just keep creating wonderful puzzles, be kind to others, and consider the favor returned. I would be interested in knowing what programs you're using to make kaleidos, and whether it's a free one. Some of your puzzles look like they might be from Adobe Elements. I have that program but find it very user-unfriendly, and only use it for a few effects. I allowed Adobe to do some testing on my computer when they were having bugs, and they sent it to me for free. And a new Jigidi friend just ordered the Serif Draw 5 program for me because she knew I love her puzzles. What a kind thing to do! I can't afford to purchase any programs right now, but am growing tired of the kinds of puzzles I'm creating, and want to explore new avenues. I'm always on the lookout for new things that are free. Because my computer is an old one, it has a tendency to get viruses, so downloading something from the Internet is not an option for me right now. I know a lot of people use Gimp, but the two times I tried to download it, once with an Intel manager, gave me viruses. I'm happy to share my knowledge of all the programs I use, with one exception, that being one a Jigidi friend told me about but requested it remain between the two of us. It's since become fairly common knowledge on Jigidi.

Regarding the mouse, I use a PC, and the laptop mouse works just fine with it. Office Depot didn't have them in stock, but they offered to order two of them for me, and shipping was free. It took only a few days to arrive. Because of my pain issues, I have to solve puzzles with the mouse on my right thigh, and this one works well for that purpose. It has a very skinny cord that doesn't tangle easily.

That's a very cool-looking table, Kathy. If they charge shipping, I'd go in to Office Depot, ask them for one, they'll tell you that they only have it online, and they might not charge you for shipping. It's worth a try.

I'm going to move this to Page 1 of my bookmarks now, so hopefully it won't take days before I notice any comments. My memory is so bad that I'm constantly losing sight of things. Not long ago, I was looking for my phone and found it in the fridge. And then last week, it fell out of my pocket into the cat's water bowl. Go figure... At least it's a landline and not that expensive (plus it has two headsets). Ah, that's what you can do for me ~ buy me a new phone!!!


Well, guess what I have been doing? LOL

Yep, checking out the links that you gave below!!!!! The most expensive one has the most features....tilts, stretches, leans, swings......LOL It would be the most adjustable by far. The second shelf I guess could be used for a mouse station?

I definitely have to get something. This thing can really burn your legs and also make you hot!

I wish I had known that laptops got hot. You can tell I am not very versed with technology? I soooo appreciate your help and advice!!!!! How may I return the favor????????

I will google and see what others I might find interesting, but of all the ones that I looked at thus far, that one particular one would offer the most versatility.

You went above and beyond with your kindness!!!!! Anything that I can do for you??????

Oh, I just looked at my old mouse that goes with my Mac and it is a Logitech wireless. The one with the retractable cord sounds like a winner. Even with the wireless, you have to plug it in a USB port. I have to have a CT Scan tomorrow, so am thinking about visiting our local Office Depot and see if they have one in stock. I also looked on line to see if they had a laptop table.....found this one, but think that it is only available online.....

I will definitely let you know what I get :-)))))))))


The second Amazon link runs off the page. Just make sure you hover the mouse until just prior to the words "This one's expensive" and the link will work.


Okay. I Googled "laptop table slides under couch" and found a bunch. Here's one:

Here are some more:

This one's expensive:

They're out there. Just Google what you're looking for, and you'll be amazed what you can find.

My mouse is a Logitech M125. I purchased it a year ago, and fell in love with how fast it is to solve puzzles. I'd gone through many mice before finding this one. I recently went to Office Depot and ordered two more, because I'm hard on them. They were about $16 each, well worth it.

That'll be $5 for my advice.


Kathy, there exists some couch tables. I'll try and find one online for you.


Gail, I did not know that you could get a mouse with a retractable cord!!! I had always used a mouse and even took my wireless one off of my Mac....even found an old mouse with a cord. I ended up killing the poor thing with the cord somehow :-( The problem I found with using a mouse on the laptop was where do you sit the mouse and use it? Not much spare room on my laptop as I usually sit on the sofa and use no table. I wish I had some sort of table or board to put under the laptop as it gets quiet warm!!!!!! Any suggestions on staying cool while holding the laptop???? Kathy


Is there a reason you don't get a laptop mouse that plugs in? I use one on my PC. It's a Logitech and has a retractable cord.


Mimi, Mandy, and glad that you enjoyed it :-)))))) Thank you for doing it!!!!!!!!


Gail, LOL it was more the way I was touching the little pad on my laptop I think LOL I am indeed more careful now but it can still be tricky when using both hands. I much prefer a mouse, but with the laptop, the mouse presents a bit of a problem for me LOL


I love this one, Kathy. The colors and composition are just great.


Lovely images yet again, thanks Kathy :~)


Delightful puzzle, thanks!




Octomom, indeed it does remind me of a pomegranate now that you pointed it out!!!!! Glad you enjoyed it :-)))))


Kirsten, I have tried to leave a comment twice already and I keep deleting them LOL Maybe the thrid time will be the charm.

I see you have found them LOL I used spheres in the collage and there was a bit too much blank space, so I played around with it and had fun. Never thought of "thinking outside of the box". LOL LOL LOL Thanks for pointing that out!!!! You are an inspiration my dear. Thank you again for helping me learn to resize :-))))))))))


This is wonderful, Kathy. It looks like a pomegranate (Chinese apple).


Another totally gorgeous one, Kathy. And the piece sizes are lovely and big. I'm so glad you figured it out. And only you could make a collage, and make it look un-regimented. You would never know this is a collage - it looks delightfully free-form. Thanks so much! :)))


You did it!!! I had to leave this message before I solved it, 'cos I'm so excited!!

And I just noticed what you wrote in the description, Kathy. You're too kind. And like I said to someone else recently, I just suggested a tool/method. You did the rest!! I can't wait to do this one, and the other small one you posted. Yippee!! I'll leave you another comment when I've finished, to let you know what I think of it, but I can tell from the thumbnail, that I'm going to LOVE it!!