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First heirloom daffodils to bloom 2-16-13.

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These are from an old farmhouse site down the road and always first to bloom. Snow and ice doesn't bother them.


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Happy to brighten your day, Monica.

Thank you, niccolino59, glad you enjoy it. Daffy's are so hardy, lifting their faces to the sun and shrugging off the snow and cold. I have some that are called doubles, but really have about 8 layers of petals, really fluffy. They also get top heavy, but are so pretty tucked in a vase with others that are more upright, or with pussy willows. They smell nice, too.


This is a lovely shot, thank you angelbender. I love daffodils too - so many different types now too. I bought some bulbs the year before last which had double blooms, but they were so heavy they kept falling over and needed staking - I didn't think of that when I bought them. But you can't beat the ordinary normal lovely yellow daffodil!


I love Daffodils! Thanks so much for posting this flower Angel, their so very cheerful!

Glad to excite you, chickiemama. Isn't a kick to see the first one open?


How exciting! Thanks for posting Angelbender.

You are welcome, Jana. Spring is going to be here soon, the birds are telling me so. You be careful shoveling all that snow. All you need is a narrow strip for your feet to fit in and if you wait long enough it will melt anyway. ;-)


Thank you so much Angel for the spring beauty, also can not wait, yet is only snow and frost :-))))