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Swirlaway Swirl (Smaller)

42 pieces
173 solves
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Thanks so much, Katie and Ardy! I'm just glad that the iPhone lets me at least keep up with the comments and do the posting--until Jigidi changed its format last year, I couldn't queue up the puzzles ahead of time--at least, I didn't know how to do it--all cut and titled and ready to go, so that is a great thing for me this time around!

The weather is still holding, and the girls are having a ball on the beach! Come May 1st, they're no longer allowed during beach hours, so lots of people are taking advantage of the last few days and the sunny days. That means that the dogs have plenty of playmates! Hugs back!!! :-)))))


Swirls are wonderful. Swirls sent from Gloucester are even more wonderful I see the beautiful ocean way down deep inside this one. Thank you. Relax and enjoy where you are. I'd love to be there too. According to Mandy's research today is Hug a Friend Day. I can't leave here without sending you, my friend, a big ((HUG)).


Thanks for your dedication to enabling your swirl addicts Pat! This is another gorgeous one. So sorry about your internet access not working. So happy the weather is great and you're enjoying your time away!

Aisha, thanks for taking the time to stop by and let us know where you've been. I'm really sorry to hear about your husband and hope he improves lots very soon. Know that there are a lot of people here thinking of you and your family.


Thanks to everyone who wrote! It really is a pain to use the phone--I'm not used to typing on it, and the tiny touch-screen letters are hard for my clumsy fingers to navigate. Plus I can hardly see anyone's puzzles, enough to really comment, and can't solve on the darn thing..... So I'll be keeping my posts brief. But I do have more puzzles queued, and that takes just a few clicks to do, so I'll do at least one set a day, I hope--probably today on my other profile, because I posted so late yesterday on this one. But the weather is gorgeous, and the ocean is beautiful, so I guess I will somehow survive this...! :-)))


Oh, Aisha I'm so very sorry to hear that! Thanks so much for letting us know--I'm sure I speak for everyone here when I wish your husband a fast and full recovery. I can only imagine how hard it's been for you both, and how long and difficult the work still to come will be. I wish we all were real neighbors connected by distances measured in a few blocks or miles, and not just virtual ones, where only our written words can enter each other's homes... But we still are all here for you, and will help in any way we can. You're in our thoughts--let us know how you're doing only when you can spare that time!


Delightful swirl with fabulous colors. Love the dipsy-doodle of this one. Sorry about your internet connection and don't want to hear that you are using your phone for this. Just enjoy your vaca and come back to us rested and full of energy. You deserve it. So very glad you did get to post this one so that Aisha could let us know what had happened. Have been missing her fabulous puzzles.


aishahm, I'm so sorry to hear about your husband. Thank you for stopping in to let us all know. I wish you both all the best and know you'll be back to visit when things settle down. Take care.


Pat, I have missed you all dearly. My husband had a stroke so my life has been over the top crazy. Right now we are working on his rehab and making the house accessible and I'm still working too. I kept meaning to log in and let everyone know but just never got around to it. Then I got an email today from Stefan saying the gang was worried about me. So please pass the word on that I'm okay and I hope to be back to jigging real soon.


Did you take your winder-upper for your laptoppy-thingy?...........Maybe they have one in reception.....


Well congratulations on getting posted at all Pat... you are clearly really resourceful!! I have to bookmark for now, but hopefull will return asap.


I'm so pleased you were able to post, Pat. Thought I was going to miss my daily swirl with you being away. Thanks so much for taking the time to give us another lovely swirl. Enjoy your time away. :-)


There is supposed to be free Internet service in all of the motel rooms, but it's not working where we are--we had it for 2 minutes, and that was it. I'm using my iPhone now, which works because we pay for the connection. But I can't solve on it, and the laptop I brought won't connect, as I said. And it's REALLY hard to see puzzles to comment on, so I'll just post my 3 here and get off. Sorry! :-(((((((