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James Joyce's novel Ulysses recounts the hour-by-hour events of one day in Dublin - June 16, 1904 - as an ordinary Dubliner, Leopold Bloom, wends his way through the urban landscape, the odyssey of a modern-day Ulysses.

Bloomsday is an annual celebration among Joyce fans throughout the world, from Fort Lauderdale to Melbourne. It is celebrated in at least sixty countries worldwide, but nowhere so imaginatively, of course, as in Dublin. There the events of Leopold Bloom's day are re-enacted by anyone who cares to participate, and his itinerary is followed all across Dublin.

At lunchtime it's traditional to stop off for a glass of burgundy and a Gorgonzola sandwich at Davy Byrne's Pub on Duke Street, just as Bloom did. In the afternoon the Ormond Hotel is the spot for an afternoon pint, where Bloom was tempted by the barmaids in the Sirens chapter.

Bloomsday celebrations also feature readings of Ulysses, James Joyce lookalike contests, various other semi-literary activities, and a good excuse for hoisting a few Guinnesses.

Readings of James Joyce's Ulysses will begin tomorrow night at 9pm Irish time, which will be Bloomsday in Auckland, New Zealand. They will go on until 3.30am on Monday morning when there is a reading in San Francisco. They will be streamed live on

In total 25 cities in four continents will be participating in the readings.

If you want to know what I'm celebrating tomorrow, feel free to return to this page after 10pm (GMT - UK) when I will post a link to preview tomorrow's celebration puzzle. 140


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Yes :~))))))))


We'll just keep that to ourselves Mandy ;-))


I was the same Edie!! I still don't know much about the book, but I do know it's not what I thought it was!! :~)


I had heard of the book but not being a James Joyce fan I won't even mention what I thought the book was about. LOL ;-))


I'm glad I was able to bring you some new information about Joyce Rosie! Thanks :~)

it certainly is, thanks Pat :~)




I am a big Joyce fan but still did not know about this day. Thanks for letting us know about this fabulous day coinciding with Father's Day. Now I have something to watch.


Thanks Ardy - I enjoy researching these special days too, and it's also Father's Day in the UK!! It's interesting that Father's Day is on the same date in the UK and the US and Canada etc, yet Mothering Sunday is different :~)

Thanks Barb - it constantly amazes me that these special days are celebrated so widely, and no-one I knew has ever heard of them!!

You're welcome whatnats!

I'm like you Judy - I'm not a big fan of Joyce and am now wondering if I should get a copy of the book to find out more!!


Mandy, this is absolutely astonishing. Not being a big fan of Joyce's work, I am in a big minority it seems. I'd better get with the program and look at his work again. Twenty-five cities can't be all wrong. Have you read Ulysses?


Wow, talk about die-hard fans! Thanks for another interesting day...


Never heard of this day either but I did find out that this year Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa are joining in the global celebrations. It's also Father's Day in Canada.
Thanks again, Mandy, for continuing these fascinating Who Knew puzzles. :-)


Mandy, you've done it again - found a most unusual and interesting celebration. Thank you for taking the time not only for ferreting out all these special days but researching the information as well. A very happy Bloomsday to you. Here is the US it's also Father's Day.