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Do you remember?

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You are very welcome, Cevas. Kind is another one of my middle names :-)


Thank you Starlord !!! You are very kind. And I mean that sincerely!!


Good, a new account has been made for the solvers of the States, so they can enter the EHoF too :-)
Try to find the new nick... Very original, I think. I won't post too much under that nick though :-)


England is not too bad, Juneshone. That's just one hour of time difference. Canada is 9 hrs, but they changed the clock. I think it's only 8 hrs now, which is not too bad :-)
Thanks for mentioning the 'consistently', Cevas. :-)
I'll try to make a new account pretty soon... Now let me think what name I should use :-)


Hi Starlord. Thank you for considering my request. I think the change of clocks has made things temporarily worse. Maybe when you put your clocks ahead it won't be so bad. Then I'll just have to stay up until midnight instead of 1:00 am. So don't worry about changing your puzzle posting schedule. And ... um ... did I say relatively?!? I meant consistently.


Danny, you do know you can post 8 pictures a day per URL if you have two profiles? So it wouldn't be a juggling act then


Shazzaannie, sharon lives in england same as I do, june


Now THAT is a huge favour :-)
I usually do my postings between 8.30 and 9 a.m. Western European time.
So i use the same schedule every day.
I know you are 9 hrs away from me. I have no idea where Shazzaannie lives or what time zone she's in. Let's assume I post 3 puzzles at 9 a.m. and 1 at 6 p.m.
To get back to 4 puzzles in the morning, it would take me 9 days (squeezing one hour a day off).
I'll think about it ... No promises....
And what exactly did you mean by : 'relatively good mood'? I'm ALWAYS in a good mood :-)))


Starlord, since you are in a relatively good mood today ... :-) ... I have a favour to ask. Once in a while could you post your Do you remember? puzzles a bit later!?! Please ? That way shazzaannie and I will have a chance to make it into your Hall of Fame!


I am pretty sure I never heard the fan song either, Cevas. And as far as the memory goes.... euh... what was I talking about?


Hi Starlord. I'm glad you found more "Do you remember?" pictures. I love these! No, I don't remember the BCR fan song at all. But, then again, my memory isn't what it used to be!


The Eternal Hall of Fame is awaiting you, Shazzaannie :-)

Don't know if I have any pics - I will have to hunt through the photo box. I do remember hating havng my photo taken at that age so it is doubtful. Looking forward to more do you remembers, I love them. I'm never here early enough to be the first to get it right and I so want to get in the hall of fame - maybe I will just have to set the alarm earlier.


I've been looking for "Do you remember"-puzzles just now, Cevas. And ooooh I found some nice ones :-) Sometimes extremely difficult (I think) and sometimes easy. They're all singers / bands I know and it's not just some unknown one hit wonder from Belgium :-) Did you know / sing the BCR fan song? I think it was only in the UK that they sang it, as I've never heard of it before :-)
Glad you liked the song and the pic :-)


Yes, I remember them too. I love "I only want to be with you"! Thanks for the picture and the link to the song.


Then your daughter must have been a huge fan of the BCR, Juneshone. I never tried it, but those high shoe soles don't look too practical or easy to walk with.
The second verse was wiped from your memory, Shazzaanie :-) With all due respect but you were a true BCR-chick in those days :-) Don't you have a pic to post as a puzzle of you dressed as a fan? Would love to see it :-)

Thanks I'd forgotten there was a second verse. Oh yes the tartan scarves we used to tie round our wrists and trousers at half mast with stripy socks. I had the look back then. These days i would probably fall off the shoes.


it's the seventies alright. My daughter had those shoes and a BCR scarf when she went to school, which she left in 1978


Oh wow, what a great memory, Shazaannie :-) I would have been unable to name one them... But then again, I never had a crush on either of them :-))))
And the lyrics go on,....

Eric, Derek, Woody too,
Alan, Leslie, we love you,
With an R-O-double-L, E-R-S,
Bay City Rollers are the best!

Glad you remember them, Goingsilver. They were huge idols in the seventies.
And Pkin, you never heard of them? Now why doesn't that surprise me :-)

Oh Yes I remember them. I had a crush on the lead singer Les and my bedroom walls were plastered in their posters. Their names were (from left to right) Eric Faulkener, Derek Longmuir, Stuart 'Woody' Wood, Les McKeown and Alan Longmuir. Derek and Alan were brothers. I still have their records. There was a chant we used to sing

With an R O L L E R S
Bay City Rollers are the best


Oh yes, I remember them!


Never heard of them..... glad I was late....


@ Tabbycat: You are hereby officially invited to enter the Eternal Hall of Fame. The band was formed in 1973 and they called themselves: The Bay City Rollers. I can hear everyone cheering and applauding for you :-).
@ Dennylynn: They did have some great songs indeed.
@Squishy: you're right :-)
They had some great songs like "Bye bye baby" and "S-a-t--u-r-d-a-y Night".
Here they are with a number one hit from Dusty Springfield: I only want to be with you.
Ladieeeees and gentlemaaaaan, please welcome The Bay City Rollers


Definitely the Bay City Rollers.

I loved them, thanks :)


Bay City Rollers?


The 2 on the lefthand side look familiar star, but I am stumped. I will probably groan when squishy or pkin or bentley come in and take it away


Must be 80's with those shoes:-))