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Lions Gate Bridge

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from Stanley Park
Vancouver, Canada
Feb 23, 2013


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In this picture we are looking at the seawall (for pedestrians and cyclists ) which goes all around Stanley Park. And yes it's very curvy. There is also a road for cars but it's not visible at this point.


The road along the inlet seems to be quite curvy.


Thank you Lorna. No, I'm not really in any hurry to walk across it.

Thank you Jacques. Always nice to find a note from you!


nice shot Cathy


It is an impressive bridge, but I don't know I'd be happy walking across it!


Thank you Ank. No we don't notice the height when we drive across. People can walk across too but I haven't done that yet.


Wow, that's high. It looks a little scary to go over it. But I'm sure you will not notice that when you drive on it. A beautiful photo Cathy, thanks


Thank you Jim. Lots of ships go under that bridge ... freighters, cruise ships and the occasional visiting tall ship or aircraft carrier. People who moor their sailboats at the marina have to use motor power to go out of the inner harbour. Once they are past the bridge they can put up their sails.


Beautiful photo of the bridge, Cathy! And it's so high!


Hi Diana. Thanks for your note! Yes, the sun is welcome but ... so are the clouds!!

Nice, will be great to see the sun.