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Colours once more :)) I

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It seems you had a good time, Deborah and thanks for letting me know that enjoyed the puzzles. :)))


Now that was fun! Thanks Dagmar. :)))


I'm happy you enjoyed the solving, PJ. As always I enjoyed reading your enthusiastic comment. Thanks for coming round. :))


Hi Pat, your "hand-computer-drawn" version is much more meritable than the poloar coordinater, I still had to draw the rectangualar grid, but that is much easier than drawing the round version and I know how much time it takes to do so. I hope you will enjoy the bigger version and thanks for dropping by. :))


Glad you enjoyed it, Mandy. Thanks for your visit. :))


Hi Ardy, I love boxed of crayons, everytime I see one of these wonderful boxes full of colours I have to remind myself, that I don't need to buy it, that I have more than enough boxes of colours to last me a lifetime. LOL But all these wonderful colours are just unresistable. :))
Thanks Ardy, I like your interpretation. :))


Dagmar, I'm impressed too. The composition is exciting, the colors fun and the solving was delightful.


Ah, is THAT how a computer savvy person does it?!!! I made one somewhat along the same lines, but I drew it by hand and colored it in the same way, with each color getting progressively closer to the center--and had to re-do it so many times because I kept getting mixed up with the colors! LOL! And of course it had a plain background, whereas this is gorgeous! I have the largest version bookmarked to do next--thanks, Dagmar! :-)))


Lovely puzzle Dagmar, thanks :~)


This was fun, Dagmar. Thank you. It makes me think of a box of Crayola crayons. They come in cardboard boxes which are distinguish by the orange and yellow shades like you have used at the corners. They are available in all sizes from 8 in a box to - well I'm not sure how big but at least 100 colors. This makes me think of one of the BIG boxes.


Dagmar, I tried to download Gimp by myself and with a pro, and both times it crashed my computer but good. So Gimp's out for me on this computer. It's too bad, because I've seen some lovely puzzles created on it. Night-night.


Hi Kirsten, I really hope it will and I also hope that yours will do the same. Thanks for your evening/morning visit, I'll miss seeing you around here when you are back to work, but I understand perfectly well that there is no way of going around visiting afterwards. :))


You're so clever coming up with these designs!! It's lovely. Thanks so much Dagmar. And I hope your working week is just whizzing by!! :)))


Hi Gail, you are up late again. :))
The compositon of this one is quite easy, you need to make a grid of squares and colour them in and then you use the Gimp's polar coordinates to make it round. It's something very simple but very effective as you can see. :))
Thanks for dropping by and your wonderfully positive feedback, which is always very wellcome. :))


Wow, Dagmar, I have no idea how you composed this puzzle, but I love it. After the big picture popped up at the end, I could really see the shine in it. It was absolutely terrific. Congratulations on a job well done!