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Oldie Big barn outside of Rapidan Va.

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It sure seems a shame to see barns abandoned. This one is by Rapidan, Virginia.


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I agree photo, Thanks gnt.


I see that too pg and I see a barn that can be repaired and used for something if only someone could see it .....


Nice one Warbler. It reminds me of an old dairy barn and when the milk prices dumped many small producers went out of business. this could be one of them. What a shame.


Can't wait to see them.


Thanks Tex, There were a bunch of out buildings on this place, all in the state of this barn. Someone gave up the business, I'd guess about 10 years ago from the tree sizes growing agains the buildings.


I'm not surprised Chickie! The sun shined today and I went out for a couple of hours. I thought I was in Mayberry, it was so Barny. :-) I have about 15 more to put on, so be alert!


You know I had to do this one first! It looks like they can store a lot of hay in there. Great old barn Warbler!


It's huge! And it looks useable too. Thanks, Warbler.