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Muddusfallet, Sweden.

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In Lappland is the Muddus National Park. It's a huuuge area with only very few paths to walk. Actually two. One of them leads to the Muddus Fall, and you walk 7 kilometers to get there. You walk through different kinds of wood, but mostly pinewood. It's very rocky, but the path is much easier walked that the one we walked on yesterday. You get your reward when you stand in front of this gorgeous fall right on the other side of a deep canyon. From here the path goes on farther north for many kilometers to small town at the northern end of the Park. In the area here is a fine hut well equipped with what you might need if you come to stay overnight. You have to bring your food but fireplaces, stoves etc are ready for use. And there are lots of bunks with mattresses!!! Outside is a well containing the clearest and coldest water ever seen.


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You are SO welcome Jan!! I'm just so very glad that you enjoy it!!


There really are no words to describe that masterpiece of nature, Hanne! Thanks for sharing the story and the wonderful photo!


I think you know, gnt, how photos never show the real thing in the right way!! This photo doesn't at all show how enormous it is - and sounds!! I've looked at other photos and they are exactly the same, flat and decreasing. It's such a pity indeed, but we've got to take what we have!! Thanks so very much!!!

I'm very glad that you enjoy my description, Ank, I do hope you read about the thunder too!! Thanks so very much!!


An other beauty. Love it. And of course everything you told us, that makes it more alive. Thanks


Nice looking waterfall and by the looks it tells me very loud one


Indeed, Sandy, thanks so very much!!


Now that is some powerful water coming down there. Thanks Hanne.


It's so funny, Ardy, but the first time we were here and were on our way back, I think we missed about 2 kilometers as we heard thunder coming closer and closer. The sky darkened above us and we started almost running. We expected a shower any minute and we would be soaked!! To run on paths like these with lots of - smaller - stones and tree roots is rather difficult, but we succeeded so far that when we came down to the last part of the path through a little bit of wood and could see the parking lot the rain started. Then we RAN and came inside just in time!! Here we saw those we had met in the wood and at the fall coming back, i.e. a young Spanish couple with a baby on the man's back. Fortunately they had been able to wrap it in, but they were WET!! And so were the others. I would say that this is a very long walk because the wood doesn't change that much, it's almost the same all the way. It's more fun to walk when the landscape changes. Nevertheless, the fall is wonderful to come to!! Thanks so very much Ardy!!


Oh, Hanne. This is beautiful. I think the fact that it takes so much effort to get to see it makes it even more splendid. One really appreciates things one has had to work hard to get. It's so great of you to share all this. Thank you SO much.