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Grilled cheese for Pumpkinhead!

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So happy that you have joined us!


Why didn't I find this sight sooner???


pkin-One can auger a hole (or two) and then fish inside out of the weather. I'll do this if the weather turns ugly. The ice shelter is black and is easily warmed by the sun, if it's shining. Otherwise, I have a propane heater that does a wonderful job of providing heat. It measures 6' X 6' and is perfect for two. My wife LOVES it! Ice anglers are each allowed 5 holes to set up their tip-ups. Two people fishing = 10 holes and at times if the fish are biting it can be quite a "circus" keeping up with the action. I share your desire to cook outside as well. We have an RV and have never cooked inside it either. ;-)


Treker is the tent over the ice where you drilled the hole for fishing... Nothing like cooking over a camp stove done that for years.. Even after we got the RV never cooked inside...


pkh- You are exactly right! A cold sandwich just doesn't "cut it!"
Ann- The "recipe" is good ol' Kraft cheese slices, white bread with squeeze Parkay. I have a small propane stove with a griddle that serves very well for the heating. Ummmm!


Ahh, the master grilled cheese sammy chef at work! Looking happy in his job. I'm so glad you took care of punkin'---poor girl, she was about to go nuts for one of your grilled cheese sammies! BTW---what kind of cheese do you use? And mayo or butter/margarine? Whole wheat, rye, or white bread? I ask because I've had them all kinds of ways and with different cheeses and I would be hard-pressed to say which combo of ingredients I like the best...............


Treker-There are days and experiences that are just made for grilled cheese. Your ice fishing is one of those times! Doubling the cheese.....a 5 star kind of day:)


Thanks Mimi!
pkh- I can make you another if you're still hungry. (I doubled the cheese slices for a special treat!)


Great picture, I love it and your explanation Treker!


I KNEW IT!!!!! Just KNEW it was a grilled cheese kind of day!!! Tastes glorious-all that cheese melted and hot. MMMMM~ Thanks, treker! You know the way to my heart.


sculpture- Thanks for your nice comment!
PLG- They're so easy to prepare and really satisfy that need for something hot.
puzzeljac- Yes, others were watching the tip ups so I got to be the "sandwich guy." I'm happy!
oddio- The Pepsi's were FROZEN solid!!! I opened one and it blew up. I hate when that happens! You can see unopened cans that are being warmed near the stove. (It never worked) We have learned one must put the sodas in a small "cooler" (no ice) to insulate them from freezing. Pringles, candy bars, Peppermint schnops,'s all good food when ice fishing. LOL ;-)


You skipped the sunscreen but you're sticking to a healthy diet, with the Pepsi and Pringles et al.


This must be in a break from fish. A very nice photo Treker, you are looking good.


Looks yummy!


i don't know you, but you're cool!


Not enough sunscreen on this paleface! (You can see the outline of my hat on my face.)
This sandwich is pipin' hot punkin,...don't burn your tongue. LOL ;-))