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Spondylus Linquaefelis.

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This Spiny Oyster was found 180 feet deep in Maaleaa Bay, Maui, Hawaii. Dad bought this in 1986 from a dealer.


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I left a note on the other shell, he does not remember but they could have crossed paths for sure.


Oh! OOPS! My bad, I don't know where I got it in my head that your Dad was a deep sea diver and made a living out of it! Sorry! But, my Dad sold and traded shells and the like for many years too! So, there still might be a chance that they know each other!


I'll ask him Monica, although dad is a concholigist and goes to shell shows. He was never a deep sea diver. He never used scuba gear until his 50s or 60s and even then did not dive deep. I'll let you know, thanks.


It's so beautiful Robbie! I wonder if my Dad knows your Dad, since their both deep sea divers and all! They might have met sometime in their lives while going on diving jobs! My Dads name is James L. May, ask your Dad if that name sounds familiar! He dove all over the world and met many other divers from all over the place! Wouldn't that be a real kick if they knew each other!


Seems to be ok far! Thanks Rob.

We don't move it off that plastic stand Mate, thanks.


Very nice Mate but how do you keep it without breaking some of the spines off???


Just superb Robbie!! I know how you feel about your internet supplier - ours was dropping in & out all yesterday, so I didn't bother posting - GGRR!!


Well hi again Sue and thanks again, that is very nice of you. Computer technology changes even before the new ones are sold!! Nice to have a fast one when it works, isn't it? Good luck with it. I cannot keep up with everything just putting 4 puzzles once in a while plus I am not organized so this is fine for me.


Very interesting puzzle and wonderful comments. Gemstone, I think you could possibly be right about the Cdn. Mil. Svce. Hi to a fellow Kannuc, eh?! RobbieI, I have added you to "my favourites" and thank you for your postings on my pics today. I have a number of really cute animal pics. I wish we could add more than four a day. "My pictures" folder has more than 49 gb in it! That was what was stalling out my old computer. This new one is about a week old and I sure can blaze through the puzzles faster - it's the difference between my linen closet and the White House Complex!?!?!? Thanks again. A.A. Sue (aka Sue)


Hi PK, thanks. Still working!

Yes I do now that you mention it Hanne, what fun!! Thanks.

Hi Francine, so far so good this morning, I talked to a guy last night and he put me on the list. Hopefully that helped. Glad you like them, thanks.

Hi yellow and thanks, it is a rich colour. The seeds!! Thanks.

How wonderful, Robbie, I love the color on this Spiny creature, nice photo!

Hanne : so THAT's where I've seen this seed before, I remember well, I'm sure Robbie will as well; a very fun adventure :))))


Robbie, good luck with your server. Thanks for your shell photos - am admiring and learning about them.


Robbie, it's funny, it looks like one of the seeds that once visited a bar underground!! Do you remember!! Thanks so very much!!


Very interesting thanks Robbie...


No doubt PPM, hope they find the problem soon, thanks.

You never know gem!!!! Heh heh.

Marilyn that is a yellow bedspread! Thought the background would show it off better, didn't notice the sand effect, thanks.

Hi oddio, this is just under 4" wide, so not huge. The spines are so brittle it's a wonder they don't just snap off! Thanks.

Yes Shirley, I can visualize the fruit you refer to, but cannot think of the name, thanks.

Well it is working early this morning but will shut off soon I am sure. See you around........maybe!!


Beautiful, looks more like a piece of fruit then a shell, Robbie, Thanks.


Some great photos, Robbie.
How big is this? Looks like the "porcupine of the sea"!


Very nicely displayed that it seems to be on a sand bed.


If that's true, plumpy, Robbie must be working for the Canadian Defence Department! :)


Nefarious Chinese hackers, no doubt. . . .


Hi PKH and gnt, thanks very much.

I didn't expect to get back here tonight, we have been offline all night and our wireless company is having a big problem with a group of customers of which we are one. Our signal has been sporadic for a couple of weeks and they don't know why! So you may not see me for a while, I sure hope they fix the problem soon.


great pic


spondylus splendiferious!


Yes it is PLG, thanks.

Hi GGL, I can't even say it ONCE!!! Thanks.

Hi chickie, thanks.


Very pretty Robbie. Thanks


Uh huh....let's hear you say that really fast 3 times.........


Interesting critter, Robbie! Thank you for posting them!


Hi Trudy, they are rigid but very delicate. I didn't take it off the stand, my luck I would crush it!! Thanks.

Why thank you Lela!

Hi Donna, it does you're right, thanks.

Not as bad as a cactus Ardy, just very delicate, thanks.


I wouldn't want to touch this any more than I want to touch my cactus that needs repotting. :-)
Thanks, Robbie.


A porcupine all curled up. LOL Love it , thanks, Robbie for posting all the shell pics. (Donna)


Splendid Spondylus!......


Wow. I don't think I'd want to even pick it up. Are those spines rigid? Pretty.