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Thanks, whatnauts and Rosie--as long as Warhol didn't try spray painting it or sticking it in a copier...! And that weather sounds horrific--we might have finally broken the back of winter here, with temps in the70's yesterday, and predicted to be the same for the next few days. I'm sorry your forecast is so bad. :-(((


This one took me longer than I thought it would!!! And it would be safe in the Warhol home but not as safe as it is in our fly filled world of sunshine and warmth. And we're in a winter storm warning again for the next two days---expecting 2-4 inches of new snow. I'm crying!!!!! Rosie


This fly would be safe in the Warhol home as it would blend right in :))


Thanks so much, Ardy--that list must be getting rather loooong by now! I think this is the first one of this species, anyway. :-)))


The body of this fly is heart shaped. The wings are beautifully colored as is the body. A very lovely fly indeed. Thanks Pat. It has been noted and will be added to the list.


I decided that Warhol probably had to swat flies, just the way we do, so I made one that would be at home in his studio...LOL! Thanks, Edie, Barb, and Katie! :-)))


A fabulous new take on flies Pat! Thanks for your creativity - I really appreciate your designs!


Another new sighting!!! Will have to do this one later today when I get home. Thanks, Pat. :-)


Lots of fun little swirls to jostle into place. Nice colours. Good one Pat. Thanks