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Hope your special day is filled with fun, friends and good food.... May all your Birthday wishes come true....

Happy Birthday Jayhawk..... :) :)))))


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You are so welcome, Karla... What a wonderful place where you live.. Thank you so much for your hospitality and all the yummmmmmy meals.... We enjoyed every minute of our visit.... If we had a real cake, would it maybe be chocolate???? Thanks again... Hugs from both of us.... :) :) :)

Thanks for the darling card, Ditto! Wish the cake was real, and you and foxy were here to share it with me. It was great having you visit me!


Well !!! That little birdie that told us about your Birthday, Jayhawk, was a few days off... We'll have to give it a talking too.... Or you can just celebrate twice.... More cake and ice cream that way.... :) :)))))

Thanks for joining in Shirley and Chickie... We can do this all again on Saturday... :) :)))))

Thanks to all of you! My birthday is not till Saturday--but I will enjoy remembering your thoughts!


Happy Birthday Jayhawk!


Happy Birthday Jayhawk, Lovely Card Sally :):)


You're right, Snooker.... Just her size.... :) :) :)

Don't know how long we'll be out of retirement, Edie... So much to do while were here... Financial stuff, medical stuff (check ups) and stuff stuff... Then there's US Thanksgiving (By the way Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to you and all our Canadian friends, Eh !!!), Christmas and catching up with family.... Still watching your Chicken Chronicles, thanks so much for taking the time to post them.... :) :)))

Hey Josie girl, you got it right, Jayhawk is somebody very special.... :) :))))

Hope your day was filled with Birthday Goodies, Jayhawk... Hugs.... :) :))))


Don't know who you are Jayhawk, but if Sally and Chrissie want you to have a happy birthday, you must be somebody special, HAPPY BIRTHDAY.


Like I said to Foxy, it took a birthday to bring you to out of retirement. So glad someone had one. Hope it was great. Thanks Sally, so nice to see you posting again :-)))

Happy Birthday, jayhawk!
Lovely card, ladies, and I see you made it in the size she likes. :)