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snow cleared from a parking lot at a condo complex

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This snow will be melting over the next few days, as temps climb into the 40's. The photo was taken on 3/8/13, in south central lower MI.


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Love your description, Texasstar. It got passed down, my son doesn't like to see that either. ; )


Roseheather, I so agree. I've always said God never made a tree or bush that you could set a cup of coffee on! I HATE it when they square off the tops. I fight with my yard men all the time about that!


Thank you, Bookish, Texasstar and Elfie.

Bookish, I would not want to have allergies to cats. My daughter has 3 right now, and has had 4 others in the past. My son has kitties, and we had one for over 17 years. I think it is more of an irritant, the results of the mowing, than an allergy.

Oh, Texasstar, I agree about the noise! Aargh! ; ) Actually the bushes will look good when they leaf out, they just seem to be butchered. Although I don't tend to cut mine back that way. There are nicer ways to trim a shrub.

Elfie, I would switch weather with you. ; ) You are the lucky one in my estimation.


Ohh, you are lucky! Our temp is 24 today and a fierce storm!! Thanks so very much roseheather!!


It looks like they've already butchered those bushes anyway and could just start over! Roseheather, if a neighborhood lawn day could be arranged it would be wonderful here, too. Not just the allergens in the air, but the noise pollution! Seems every early morning in summer someone has those mowers and blowers going and they get louder every year! Thanks, nice puzzle.


Awful for you. I know many people suffer from those various summer-time allergies. Hopefully antihistamines or something similar helps you. [I'm lucky - am only allergic to cats.]


I can wait. ; )

Someone in our neighborhood seems to mow each day. The allergens from mowed grass make it difficult to breathe. I guess I need to organize a neighborhood mowing day so it could all be done at once. ; ) I am always glad for late October and the beginning of November when the mowing finally ends.


I see a patch of grass!! Looking forward to that... :))
...Francine, eastern Ontario


Thanks, PLG and Chickiemama.

As to the bushes, I would guess the snow removal people may not be that concerned. ; / I'll have to watch when we go past that area later on this spring.


I'm kinda worried about those bushes being squashed under all that snow.


That's quite a pile!