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Odds & Ends! (medium)

81 pieces
121 solves
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Robbie - Thank you!!! I think it's fun to go thru the "back closets" and pull out pieces you liked and "change them up!" I'm glad you liked this one, too!


This is a really fun puzzle JB, the design and colours are incredible. No boring odds and ends here!! Thanks.


Yes, Hanne - I am afraid that I will kaleido just about anything. At least once! LOL

Kirsten - Because you are such a good friend, I will let you enjoy the thought of warm and fuzzy chamois! The blue one really stands out in the group, doesn't it. I made more, so who knows! Thanks so much!!


Such an interesting mixed bag, Jan! The two beige and red ones remind me of chamois, it's got that warm fuzzy look to it. And I love the green and aqua of the top left. But the snakeskin has stolen my heart! Pow! It smacks you right in the eyes!! Love it. Thanks so much. :)))


Snakeskin! Indeed bottom middle have some of it really!! Thanks so very much Jan!!


Mariasha - that is EXACTLY what the original image for that one was! LOL Glad you loved it!! (Good Eyes!)

Ardy - Thanks! I could have guessed your choices in the pink range! Glad you liked these, too!


Each of them have appeal for me. I think the top middle comes first but the bottom middle blue is right there too as well as the bottom left. The top middle has little cat faces peering out from the
inside of the light pink ring near the edge. I love your odds and ends, Jan. Thank you.

I also love the bottom middle snakeskin...thanks for another fun puzzle Jan.


When I posted this, Barb, I saw the blue one and thought of you immediately! :)


Some lovely images here, Jan .... I particularly like the bottom middle as well as the middle middle. :-)