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by Harrison Fisher

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Well..... I did. A while back already, though. If you leaf back through my pages on page 13 you`ll find 'koperen potje', on page 16 'zwanen'and on page 18 'magnolia'all three are painted on silk (geschilderd op zijde). There are more on page 17, 18 and 22 f.i. 'aquarel' means watercolour and 'acryl op hout' means acrylic on wood.
There may be more over the next few months. ;))))


OH!!!! schutkleur, you paint!!! Please post your works, I would enjoy seeing it as would many other Jigidi folks. :))))


This artist keeps amazing me with some of his work. I just wish my work could be half as good as his. Thanks Cakes!.


Hi Mary ~ It's wonderful how he can capture inner feelings in his paintings. Glad you like it. :)))


The expressions on their faces tell the much love.....thanks, Joyce.


Hi patsyanne!! I'm glad this picture brought back sweet memories for you. :))))

This is my favorite! Thanks for sharing, Joyce. Brought tears to an old lady's eyes. Memories!