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Flying Boxes

36 pieces
108 solves
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You're very welcome, Gwen. If you have any questions at all, no matter how silly they might sound, just let me know.


Thanks for this Gail and I am not in the least offended by your comments. I don't like the tiny pieces myself and I never seem to find time to do puzzles with large numbers of pieces whether they are big or small.
I'll try out your suggestion to resize my pictures later today and see what happens. Many thanks for your help.


What do you mean, five sides, Kirsten? I clearly see seven.

Rob, I'll bet you did. The weather everywhere is very screwy.

Thanks so much, Gwen. I'm not sure if I'm answering your question correctly, but I do want to say something. With the *new* Jigidi, if you keep your files the same size, you'll get puzzles with tiny pieces. If you enlarge your file by resizing to at least 1,200x1,200 for a square, and at least 1,200x800 for a rectangle, you'll get much larger pieces. I almost never solve a puzzle with small pieces. I like my pieces large, and when I enlarge puzzles with tiny pieces, the pieces go all off the screen, making solving a very unenjoyable experience. Here are two puzzles I created for NJTH (who never responded) after I had a discussion with him/her about this. Since I love NJTH's puzzles, I thought, well, here's one of the puzzles:

I gather s/he's not terribly interested in enlarging them, since s/he only responded briefly, and nothing since a few days ago. I mention this, Gwen, since your puzzles all have the tiny pieces. It's one of the things I dislike about the *new* Jigidi. I know of other folks like me who likewise won't solve puzzles like that, yet it would create a lot more solves for a person if they did enlarge them. A lot of the newbies don't even know that there's been a fundamental change when creating puzzles. It's a shame, since NJTH's, as well as other posters like yourself, who create puzzles that are exactly the kind I like to solve.

So, I'm not sure if that helps you or not, but resizing does matter. I think for your kaleidos if you resized them to at least 1,200x1,200 if square, or 1,200x800 if rectangular, you'll get much larger pieces. I'm sorry to say I don't how what 22 Mb means in this context (or in any context actually!).

As for my preference, it depends on the puzzle. I solve kaleidos that are on the smallish side. But my first love is for puzzles by people like Catherine (contomiani/cathcm), Liane (nucifera/lotus99) and Judy (HeyJudeNM/HeyJude_NM), and I'll solve their largest puzzles. Sometimes I curse Magnus for creating a *new* Jigidi where a 540-piece puzzle is able to be created, because it does leave me a lot less time for other puzzles. And cleaning, cooking, spending time with the cats, etc.!

I hope I haven't offended you by saying I don't favor solving puzzles with tiny pieces such as your puzzles. It was not my intent to offend, but rather to inform.


I think I saw a few of these here over the weekend Gail!! The winds were strong enough!! Love the colours too. Thanks..


Good morning Gail - at least it is morning here - 8.20am to be precise.
This is a very pretty puzzle. I'm liking your new set just as much as your last one.
I must experiment with the file size of my originals to see what is the best for producing puzzles with large pieces. My kaleidoscopes from flowers are made from pictures which are about 22 Mb. Even cropped down they are still large files and I wonder if this has a bearing on the size of pieces produced. How many pieces do you prefer to work from? I mostly do puzzles with the smaller number of pieces or there would never be enough time to do them all.


I didn't know that boxes had 5 sides in the States Gail! I have so much to learn. LOL

In the meantime, I'll just have fun playing with your kaleidos. :-DDD