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I am ready to go with Jill to Jekyll Island on Monday

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Shirley, this doll and a blond and redhead were my Barbie" dolls. They were the dolls from the "jill and Jan" dolls. This was Jill ( really) and I also have Jan and Betty. I still have several outfits and some furniture. A guess would be they were made in 1958. Maybe Jan and Betty should go to Jekyll also! This mermaid outfit is from the Barbies that I amassed for the granddaughters! Goodbye monotone Julia and hello chatty Julia, lol! ..... :-))


Love your Mermaid Jill, I was jealous when I read the title, thinking julia was going with you to Jekyll, and not me. This is so funny, I can now laugh, after getting over the initial shock. Have a great time, Thanks for the beautiful dolly Jill.


Julia, Jill, Jillia, I would never have guessed, and to think it was you Jill who inspired me to create fractals, for months I had tried, without success, now I'm enjoying them, and like you said, many people do, Wait till Sally reads the title of this, she will be surprised as I am, Well my friend you keep up the good work and have a great stay at our special place, being the one and only Jekyll Island. ( I'm still shaking my head, gotta love ya Jill) Thanks. now I better go solve your puzzles Julia.


Hello friends. Yes, Jill ( art4sight ) and I are one and the same. No trickery involved. Julia came along so I could do only fractals but still could do my Orbs and other puzzles under art4sight. I didn't think many people would be interesred in fractals, but, boy do they! It is evident a lot of people like fractals!Julia can now lose her stiff, formal personality. It has been hard to not use exclamation points and smiles! It was really hard to not freak out when one of Shirley's puzzles featured a goal as a fractal creator. Finally, I am glad I no longer have to spell our SMor......thatmwas getting old fast!! I guess one could call me Jillia....... :-)))