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Forecast: A Brighter day! (medium)

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Trying to frighten away the snow!


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The smile is the most important part of all! Thank you for the comments, Kirsten! I'm glad you had fun!!


I feel like if I say the puzzle brought my sunshine, I'd be stretching the truth a teensy bit since we're in the middle of a very hot summer! But it brought a smile to my face!! And I think that counts! Thanks Jan. :)))


Hanne - Thank you so much! Then it was, indeed, worth it! :D

Ardy - It appears to have worked everywhere but here! LOL Isn't that always the case. But, the sun is out now, so I won't complain about a little frost and snow that didn't last!


Jan, It's working. There isn't a flake to be seen in our cold air. I love Barb's sunshiny one and the bottom left next to it. That one has the green of new plant growth that comes with warmer sunnier days. Thanks for doing so much to help keep the snow away.


Indeed they make MY day brighter!! Thanks so very much Jan!!


Thanks, Barb! So glad you enjoyed it! It is extremely cold out there. And we are going out to breakfast! ALMOST makes you wonder if it's a good idea! LOL


These images should keep the snow away, I hope! Kind of dull here so it's lovely to see all these bright kaleidos. Love the sunny one in the lower row, middle. :-)