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Fall Fantasies! (med)

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Kirsten - in the fall, I do lean toward the browns. But, you are in your spring, so just think of it as the earth waiting for those spring flowers all to be in full bloom! Thank you for enjoying this one. Have fun on your vaca, my friend! :D


Oh, my. That is quite the most beautiful thing, Jan. I know I'm repeating myself, but I love the clarity in your kaleidos. And that you go the brownish. LOL The top middle, and middle left are my faves of this lot. They just gleam and leap outta the screen at me. Thank you so much, my friend. :)))


You are so welcome, Ardy!! :)))


Fabulous fall fantasy festival for which I give thanks. Love it, Jan.


Thanks, Mariasha! I can just visualize you doing that in a pile of leaves!! LOL

Twirling, whirling, fantasy fall...loved it! Thanks Jan.