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Growly's crock of gold

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Hey, no worries Michelle! It's amazing how far afield the Irish get and yet how the ol' heartstrings are pulled back come Paddy's day! LOL We had a grand day and Growly even shared a drop of his cache with his dear old dad! ;-))


And a belated Erin Go Bragh! to you, Growley me lad!

(Sorry that we missed him on the day of, Hester, but we were out of town celebrating b'days with my BB and number one (first-born) son...who was born on the day! And yes, his name is Celtic - though not Patrick. BB's background, generations past, is, as he describes it, Irish and Scottish and all *h* in between. His great-grandparents emigrated here from Eire because one was orange and one was green so it wasn't much of a go for them to stay there. Ah, forbidden love! They divided the difference and brought up half their kids one and half the other here in Canada.)


I'm sorry that I'm always late, Hester but except for holidays or special weekends when there are not too many things planned and due I hardly get any time to solve and usually many days pass until I make my rounds through the puzzles to see what everybody has posted and what I can possibly solve. :))
I'm very sorry to hear about your spring. I'm delighted with mine here - it also is much colder and wetter than the usual spring - but lots of water means that this year the green season will last much longer than usual, or at least that is what I hope. :)) After thirty-five years in this sunny country I still don't like the summers with everything yellow and burnt.
Thanks for your patience and keep warm - I suppose snow shovelling will do the job LOL


Dagmar, what a pleasure to find you here! The weather is totally bonkers and I think our daffodils may finally see daylight in June!! We have a 6 foot mountain of shovelled snow outside our back door and an equally huge pile either side of our driveway!You are getting a more temperate climate and poor Kirsten is boiling in what should be her balmy autumn. There's no sense to it! Fortunately there are small signs of a thaw but more snow is due tomorrow. I asked Jan to find a wee space for me in her suitcase but she had too many swimsuits in there. She said there might just be space for Growly...not a chance!! LOL Thanks so much for popping round! :-))


LOL, Growly can keep his beer, I don't like it, but he's better hide if my husband comes around or in the end he would have to share. LOL
How's the snow going, I just stumbled over your commet at Kirsten's place. As it seems you aren't getting your spring and she isn't seeing the end of her summer and Spain has had typical English weather for the last two months with grey sky and lots of rain much to my delight, what a lovely spring we will get with all this water. Everything will bloom and green. :))
Thanks for a good laugh in my already late morning. :))


Growly has EXCELLENT taste in beer! :)))


Too true Wendy! LOL


Hester, get real.....or as my husband would say, wake up and smell the toast burning. Growly is no "average" bear.


LOL Wendy, I think that's more than enough for your average bear!! And just try asking him to share...not a chance!

Ank, I'm bright eyed and bushy tailed again thanks! ;-)))


Fun Hester, I hope that the headache is not too bad. lol


Did Growly share, or didn't he? I can't tell if he's disappointed because he has too little Guinness or too much.


Hi Ardy! I couldn't not have a bit of fun today! Glad you enjoyed it! :-))


You're lookin' right dapper there, Growly. Hope you've had a good day. I did decorate one of my puzzles today with you and your human in mind. Thanks, Hester. I did look in earlier thinking you'd be sure to do something special today. Just happened to check again this evening.


Oh my were all ready for the party...


Aww, Katie, thanks so much for that! They say that there's no one as patriotic as an expat and being from Northern Ireland my loyalties are a tad confused....except when Ireland plays England ( my BB is English) then there is no doubt!! LOL Luckily I have all those requirements and a big, happy smile to boot! :-)))


Ah, Growly, you're looking so dapper today! Here's a St. Patrick's Day wish for you and all those you share a home with:

May you always have
Walls for the winds,
A roof for the rain,
Tea beside the fire,
Laughter to cheer you,
Those you love near you,
And all your heart might desire!


Dammit Faye, wish I'd thought of that! LOL Actually we did go out to a local pub which played "diddly dee" music last night and, as we say, "the craic was mighty"!

Thankyou pj, my celebration today has been a big dog walk at omigodoclock and now my Best Beloved is cooking me dinner! A perfect day!
I have a St P's day claim to fame in that I was born and brought up in Downpatrick, the town in N.Ireland where St. Patrick is buried at the local cathedral! ,:-))


I'd bet Growly started celebrating with Kirsten first...and has now managed to turn it into a TWO day St. Patrick's celebration! :)))


Happy St. Patrick's Day to you Hester - and I see Growly has started celebrating.... Hope you'll have a fine day too :-)))


And a foin lookin' fella is Growly! (pardon the accent). He has found the perfect pot of god at the endo of the rainbow! And, it looks very dapper in his leprechaun hat! Great puzzle, Hester. Give him a cuddle for me!