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Rag Doll - Sally-Anne

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Sally Anne sits on the bed!


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Hi Ardy - Mothering Sunday here in England is 10th March, and Fathers' Day is 15th June. Yes, there are some happy memories - not many, but a few. My new cat is a great comfort to me. She has settled well (despite her disappearing down the side of the washing machine when we first let her out of her travel basket!) I'm hoping to post some photos of her soon.


Sally-Anne is a cutie. Thanks for sharing. When is Mother's Day in England? In the US it's the second Sunday in May and Father's Day is the third Sunday in June. I'm sure you will miss your Mother especially this year, Nicky. I'm so sorry. Hope you have happy memories to help you through the hard days.


Thanks Tex for your kind words.


Dear Lyndee, your Mom had a beautiful living doll in you! I know you made up for it! Your and Nicky's comments make me sad and I miss my Mom too. Nicky, it gets easier, but her birthday and Mother's Day are two of the hardest ones for me. Mine's been gone a very long (1975) time, and I still miss her so.


Aww, that's sad, Lyndee, but your mother lived to a very good age so she must have been made of strong stuff! My own mother passed away October last year - I'm thinking I won't need to buy a Mother's Day card this year and it's coming up soon here in England. I'm glad you like my dolls. I didn't realise how many I'd actually kept until I started taking photos of them to post on jigidi!


I love your dolls niccolino. Dolls make me think of my mother. She was born in 1903 and died 9 yrs ago at the age of 101. She never had a doll when she was a child. Makes me sad...every little girl wants a doll.