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Another stained glass I made

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This one was for a house that had a window above the front door. They wanted it simple but it had to incorporate the wood holding the pieces of glass in. You can see the shadows of the wood, including around the outer edge of the center circle.


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Nothing worked for me, they all fell off with the water. However, it's been many years...perhaps they now "have the technology". Actually, all those little cross-hatch cuts would make for some interesting fingerprints! (I can see the CSI episode now... lol)

btw...braggart! (smoking pants indeed...I'll believe it when your honey tells me so!)


I really like that design warbler and U are good at it ..............great set


Thank you PK. Good to see you.


Very pretty ... thanks for sharing..


Aw, Michelle, they don't count if they don't bleed. I checked my pants but they weren't on fire, just slightly smoking! They make little finger gloves now that look like thick surgical gloves just for the first two joints of the fingers. I want to try them sometime to see if they work.


Thanks PLG.


Wonderful work! Thanks for sharing it!


PS. Just read your comments below about incorporating change of season works...hope that they take you up on it and you post them for us.


Another lovely piece, thanks Dave. (Making me sigh again...)

btw...liar, liar, pants on fire! Do you grind any of your edges, hmmm? Take a good look at the tips of your fingers with a magnifying glass.... lol.


Not many PG. I learn fast.


Lovely Warbler you do great stained glass work. Many cuts?


What a pretty glass, warbler. Did you design it?


How beautiful!


Your stain glass window is very pretty. You are very talented.


Lyndee, years ago my daughter took a class and I got the idea I would let her teach me and it would be a thing we could do together. She taught me and it was all over. I was hooked and have been doing it ever since. I love the colors and the preciseness of how it works, coming together. I'll post a few more when I get a chance.


Thank you Fodus. Glad you like it Chickie.


Thank you Pumpkin, I appreciate you saying that


Its about 1 1/2 ft. in diameter Trish. While I was installing it I had the idea and told them the exposure was so nice, they should have me do 4 different ones, one for each season and I could make an easy mount so they could change them according to the season. They may do that.


Stained glass is always so pretty. My son-in-law took one class in it, made one thing, and that was it!


Very nice warbler!


Wow! what an art! Good job.


Another piece of art. Very nicely done.


cool warbler! how large is it in diameter?