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Theme: Spring - First robin

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I lost my chickens and my female peahen to wild animals, not sure what kind. That is why I only have one hen. We will be getting baby chicks in a few months, and I possibly will hunt for a peahen because the male seems to be very interested in Henrietta.


Thank you Peahen4. Our neighbor's had peacocks that visited us everyday. Love them. Raccoons tore into our chicken yard & stole mine, so getting chicks soon. (repairs to the enclosure first.)

I used to look forward to seeing the Robin of spring up in Ohio,now I see them once in a while in the winter here in Florida.


Love your chickies, chickiemama. I used to be mother to a peacock. I now have another peacock and one adorable red hen named Henrietta.


Beautiful CLEAR shot! Love it.


Yeah, those critters never stand still, always hopping around. Happy Spring, Mazda!

Great pic! You did what I've been trying to do, take a picture of a robin. When I say "Hold still, now." They misunderstand me and fly away or move. :) Thanks for posting.