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Not Your Mama's Butterfly!

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Thanks, Barb, roseheather, whatnauts, and Kathy--yes, I used the swirl to make the butterfly, and I was happy with the weird background, too. I'm just afraid that I have no idea how I managed to do it...! Really, I made the swirl, then did a bunch of things like recolor and emboss and add sections of other puzzles and so on, and then I think I fiddled with a border program, also on LunaPic, which I never use, and suddenly the background became sections of different shades. I don't know if I can replicate it... Oh, well...:-)

Sorry it took so long to get back to you all--I posted my puzzles, then went back to sleep. I eventually went to the doctor, and discovered I now have bronchitis. I had thought I was getting better a few days ago, and then I really got hit. So I may not be around much again today, but I thank you all for your patience and your comments!


Agreed, love the background - similar to 'not your mother's swirl' - very interesting and makes for a fun puzzle!!


This is a gorgeous butterfly. I also like the unusual background.


Love the title!

My mother did a crewel embroidered butterfly for me, many years back and hers is definitely not like this. ; ) The blues and blue greens are the closest to the one she did for me.


A swirly (or is that squirrely) butterfly. Love it, Pat! :-))