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More new kaleidoscopes

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60 solves
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The center image was the source of these kaleidoscopes.


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Oh well, we're even!


Oh, LOL again Gail. Apparently English is MY second language. LOL It's EDIE that calls me Kristen. LOLOL


Thanks, Kirsten. That's right, oldiepumpkin is Magda. Please forgive me, Edie. I knew that, just had a temporary brain fog. And I did notice that Magda called you Kristen once. She's Swiss, and although she write beautifully, I don't think English is her first language.


Another gorgeous one, Gail!

And pssst! 2dogs7cats is Edie. But that's OK - 'cos she calls me Kristen. LOL So I think it all comes out in the wash!! LOLOL


I'm so glad you enjoyed it, Magda. Please check this puzzle for an update:

There is news. Thanks for asking.


This was tough as a morning puzzle. You finish the edges and then think 'now what' but eventually it starts to come together. Great fun. I'll try it again later. Thanks. Any news on Norton?