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Our eyes show us what they think we want to see.

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Annjax - you are fantastic. Thanks so much!!!!!!


Goodness gracious! What a mixture of images! Great puzzle, thanks.
I have taken a little time to look up some alternative plants to satisfy your 'chocolate hunger', heehee, & that may be better suited to your needs. Besides, I'm interested myself & will get some, too. Most appear perfect for your space. Check out Berlandiera lyrata, or choc. scented daisy and Cosmos astrosanguineus,or choc. cosmos. Better yet go to ' or simply search 'chocolate scented plants. Good luck............


Great puzzle - thanks for sharing :-)


Well, now that it's been brought to light....yes, the chalice would be the mysterious "third object"......


Hi SH. Our comments crossed. Thanks for dropping by - you pose some good questions. I think I may speak for LeBug - Yes!


Ahhhh LeBug, last but not least uhhuh. Yep, it's those prominent things that will often seem invisible. Always glad to hear from you.


Are you talking about the peons sitting behind serapes, and the man in front of a tavern entrance with a lovely senorita beckoning? Or are you talking about the old couple face to face? Or are you talking about the golden chalice in the center, masquerading as a golden fountain in the first option mentioned?


Yes, the third part is probably the most prominent, but was the last thing I saw.....


Thanks bookish. I'm glad you commented and love your logo.


Thanks JB, I'm glad you like it too. It's always fascinated me to see small images put together in a way to make something altogether different. And I agree - that "third" piece of the picture is a special part of it all.


It's great. Am not solving puzzles these days so instead zoomed in and saw the details. Thanks for posting.


There are so many ways to look at this - both macro and micro! I love it! How I see it is two large images, then many small elements making up the elderly people. I won't spoil it by saying the other large image that isn't the people.
Thanks for this! It was fun!!!


I'd looked at this picture of two elderly people several times before I looked more closely.