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NOAA Hurricane Florence forecast - already needs more colour

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(Updated info - BROWN has now been added to indicate more than 50 inches, which is the newer estimate. See my other Florence puzzles - one rain, one wind - just published).

From yesterday: The National Weather Service are reporting that, as was the case with Hurricane Harvey last year, so much rain is predicted to fall as a result of Florence that they have to use an updated colour scheme in their rainfall graphic.

Last year, so much rain fell during Hurricane Harvey, which caused catastrophic flooding across Houston, that the NWS had to update their colour charts in their graphics to map it effectively, adding a bright purple to show 20-30 inches of rainfall, and a lilac colour to indicate greater than 30 inches.

Previously, the top band of rainfall shown in their graphics was 15-20 inches, represented by a dark purple.

The NWS have said that they have been forced to use this updated colour scheme again as “Florence is forecast to bring a large area of rainfall of 20-40 inches” to both North and South Carolina. They add that the threat of catastrophic flooding from Florence cannot be overstated.

This is not to mention the storm surge forecasts which are up to 13 feet (yes FEET) upriver in the estuaries.


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Glad to hear your relatives are safe!


Thank you, Mazy, for keeping us updated on this storm. I have relatives in MD, but think they are not in the direct path. Am praying for all the affected people and their animals. -- Carol


Luckily, we've never had flooding here. Nebraska may be boring, but it's safe. :-)


Wow caanan, it looks like you are in higher country there so hopefully flooding not an issue, though landslides, mudslides, and flooding creeks will still pose threats inland. Hope you and yours are all safely hunkered down with fully charged phones, iPads, and the bathtub filled with clean water just in case!

I posted a puzzle yesterday about the work I did many years ago in NC for a contract for FEMA, I was based in Williamston, a lot closer to the coast but still well NW of the worst of it all, so have been hoping the good folks I met there are OK from the rising Roanoake.

Also this is 3 hrs old but taken from the NC Emergency Management twitter page:

Current statewide power outage total is at 686,304, with the highest concentration in Bladen, Brunswick, Carteret, Columbus, Craven, Cumberland, Duplin, Harnett, Johnston, New Hanover, Onslow, Pender, Robeson, Sampson, Wake and Wayne counties.


Me either Judy.....


Man that's a lot of rain! I can't imagine.


Just take care. We care about our Jigidi friends that are (or might be) in harm's way. Even though I don't know you per se I will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers!! ~Joe~

I will, if the power stays on! No matter how it will be here, I'm a lot better off then the folks at the coast, so not complaining.


Stay safe caanan!! Keep us updated if you can!

Hickory NC, between Charlotte and Ashville. Probably will get hit tomorrow morning


yikes, I take it you still have power. Where are you?

Sitting right in the 6" to 10" zone