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Lots and Lots of Lovely, Rare Boudoir Flapper Dolls ca 1920

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Boudoir dolls are dolls that are made to sit on beds and sofas as decorations rather than being used for play. They are also called bed dolls, flapper dolls, and French dolls.

Years of Production
Although dolls that sit on beds are still being made today, the classic vintage boudoir dolls were made from approximately the 1920s through the 1940s. Some of the earliest dolls, made even earlier than 1920 in some cases, were made in France. Many of the dolls were made in an art deco style.

Sizes of Boudoir Dolls
These are generally large dolls, made to sit on their owner's bed. You can find dolls as small as 20 to 24 inches, although the vast majority of the dolls are over 26 inches in size. Boudoir dolls in the larger sizes seem to be in favor with collectors.

Materials for Boudoir Dolls
These dolls have been made with a wide variety of materials. Heads are most commonly made of composition. Many of the French boudoir dolls were made with silk. Some dolls have papier-mache faces, and some have faces made of cloth. Bodies of boudoir dolls are most commonly made of cloth, sometimes with composition lower limbs or molded shoes.

The Spruce Crafts
Boudoir Dolls for Collectors


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