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Tapestry Picture - Blue Floral Panel

35 pieces
68 solves
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I enjoyed stitching this tapestry picture which is meant to be framed and hung in my blue bedroom but - guess what? Yep, haven't had it mounted or framed yet!


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Very grue, Ardy, thanks!


Nicky, Many of us find that same experience to be true. My theory is that I enjoy the puzzle for a longer period of time than the speedy ones. Thanks for showing this lovely tapestry. Maybe showcasing them like this as puzzles will motivate you to get one finished. Got to start somewhere.


Yes, that's true too! I find that by the time I've published it and solved it, a few other people have solved it faster than me even though they are my own puzzles and I know the designs quite well! There are some real fast solvers out there!


Doing the needlework in puzzles is fun and a lot faster, lol.