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Where the Ocean Meets the Bay! *link to small puzzle below

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Ardy, you are so welcome. The bay is huge and wonderful for catching salmon! It is really quite scenic.


Beautiful spot. I not sure I'd want to live that close to two bodies of water during a bad storm. Or maybe you don't have such things out there. There's a spot in one of the eastern Canadian Provinces where a two lane road is all that separates two bodies of water - one salt and one fresh. I think it's in Nova Scotia. Thanks, Jan. This is great.


Thanks so much, Hester. This view point is just a little jog in the road!


Faaaabulous view, Jan! :-))


I saw that house and thought....What a lucky family!! Yes, it would be! Thanks, JC!


Great picture, Jan!
That must be so neat to live in the woods next to the beach! Looks like he has the whole area by himself.


This view if where the Pacific Ocean Meets the Tillamook Bay in Oregon.

Here is a link to the 35 piece puzzle: