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One last look at us all together. Only one is left.

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My friends in Heerenveen have a litter of Shih Tzu puppies. I can show you these pictures. Three females and one male were born on February 1, 2013.


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Thanks friends, it's good that they go, but I feel a little sad about it.


They will give and receive lots of love from their new owners. Thanks for sharing these pups with all of us.


Sweet little babes,I am glad they are going to people your friends feel good about.Thanks Ank for sharing these sweethearts with us.


So they are off to make new families happy! The best to all!


Oh no!! only one left? So sad that they have to go away from their mother!


Love their little paws. So precious.


Ardy, it has been fun seeing their development. Thanks.


Thanks Sissy Hanne Elly Ardy Patti Mimi Tek and Talia. Yes I think we all have mixed feelings, it's normal that they leave at this age, but we all started to love them and don't want to miss them. My friends have good feelings about the people who came to take them, so they will have a nice new home.

Mimi I'm glad to see you again. I already wrote some comments at your puzzles. Annoying that cold does not want to leave, so take good care of yourself. And yes Shirley did really great. I love that photos. I did save them. I would I could do that too. Who knows, maybe one day I can. Hugs my dear.


Ank, another beautiful serie of pictures. I will miss them. I hope they all find a new sweet home.


I would be kind of sad if they all left. Lovely, sweet little puppies.


Ank my dear, precious friend, thank you for telling me about Shirley's Evie-Micky puzzles. i love them. Isn't Shirley great!

I'm still trying to shake a really bad cold but I'll be able to play some, and I won't try to catch up. I'm so glad I get to see these little guys though. They are so adorable.

Kisses to Mickey! And thanks again sooooo much for the heads up!


Awww, glad they are finding homes. :)


I'm glad the one of the pictures actually has all four init. While it's sad to see them go I can just imagine the joy and fun the people will have who took them. Mom dog is not an only dog so she will have companionship and maybe relieved that the milk bar isn't needed any more. Thanks for sharing. Hope the one stays at least a little longer.


Stuur ze deze kant op, sweet sweet.



It's a bit melancholy, but I really hope that all of them will be happy and have good homes and that the mother won't miss them too much!! Thanks so very much Ank!!


They are so cute thanks for a lovely series today


I agree Shirley, it was nice to follow them. And it's good that they leave the house, but I'm a little sad of it.


Gorgeous puppies, lovely to see them grow from birth, while it's a little sad to see them go, it's also nice to know they will all have a new home who will love a care for them, Thank you Ank.


Thanks Faye, Lorna, Denise Kathy and Jana. Yes we will miss them. They are so sweet and and small and at once they have to do without there mom. But there is still one left. Maybe we can enjoy some more of this last girl. We will see. I'm sure that if she stays longer we will see more photos. But it's very possible that she will go too. Kathy I did run out of Micky photos. Of course I will make new. I want to try to scan old photos of her. Photos from the time we did not have the digital camera. But the problem is that our scanner is not supported by Windows 8. So now we have to find a solution for that. Maybe we have to buy a new one, we will see. So not tomorrow, maybe not next week, but the old photos will come one day.


They will miss me, maybe the new owners will send another photo. Ank Thank you very much, it was a wonderful series full of joy and smiles :-)))) Hugs my friend :-))))


Seems like we just started watching them a day ago, now you will have to post more photo's of Micky.


So sorry to see them go. It was such a joy to see them grow and I will miss them .
Have a lovely day Ank:-)))))))HUGS


I have so enjoyed watching these adorable puppies grow, thanks to you and your friends Ank.


Such cuties...we'll miss them! :)))


Sleep tight Trudy, see you tomorrow.


Once again, I thank you for sharing the beginning story of these precious little dogs' lives. It has been a treat. I only wish I could have seen/held them in person. :-) And now I say goodnight, Ank.