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Sometimes, I feel like I celebrate insanity every day, but this is one day I can plead temporary insanity due to February 19 being the first day temporary insanity was accepted as a plea in court.

Daniel E Sickles, a New York congressman, was the first man to be acquitted of murder on grounds of temporary insanity on this day in 1859. Sickles crime? He shot and killed the man he accused of having an affair with his wife. That man just happened to be Washington, DC District Attorney Philip Barton Key, son of Francis Scott Key - the author of the 'Star Spangled Banner'.

Relax and go crazy today. You can always get back to normal tomorrow.
What will you do?

PS. Some of my 'suggestions' may seen perfectly normal things to do for many of you, these images are merely my interpretations of temporary insanity - I am sure you will have a multitude of alternative ideas and suggestions which you might care to share!


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I bet you wish the shovelling was permanent in removing snow whatnauts... you will have earned a nice lunch afterwards though!


I shovelled snow today in -30C weather. The insane part is it was the deck, so there was really no hurry to get it done. Thanks so much for this fun series, monza.


Thanks Wendy, I'll go see what you said ;~)


PJ, I think it is wonderful that you continue to gain inspiration from my puzzles... that's why I make them!!! I hope you've had the chance to have at least one act of temporary insanity during the day :~)


Already finished it....and thank you so much. I left a comment or two. :-)


Oh Mandy - I've been utmost sensible the whole day, but coming home I was inspired by your puzzle, again - if you think this is one time too many, please tell me....


Of course Wendy, I'll make it as small as I can and email you the link.


Mandy, it occurs to me that you're correct. He can get confused as to which boot goes on which foot as things stand right now. Can you please, pretty please, make this in a very small size for me? I'd love to see it up close and personal (every click is killing me right now).


Mandy - how can I thank you for this great entertainment, both puzzle and comments. Now I wonder about addiction to puzzle creating .... but it's not temporary :-)))


I'm pleased to hear that Katie, thanks for letting me know :~)


Hi Mandy, I think this is a super fun day! I have a moment like this most every day...


Thanks Pat - they do look a bit like beach toys I agree, but the actual image is of a washing up cloth and bowl... I had to search hard to find one that wasn't too repulsive... it seems like I did too good a job!! Its actually a really funky bowl...Here's the link:,19,0,0,0


thimblemoss - what an intriguing name... do you do alot of sewing?? If so that needle and button image will be especially meaningful! Thanks for stopping to comment and join in the bedlam!


Edie, I had to laugh when I saw Kirsten's comments... although some of these are more insane than others... I'd love to be able to say I'd solved that 32,000 piece puzzle!!! I'm glad I brightened your day, thanks for sharing.


Thanks Lela - I don't doubt it! ;~)


I'm with you--I celebrate it every day! LOL! But, if I'm interpreting it right, the upper left image with the child's beach toys sounds more like a day of genuine sanity for me (well, in the summer, anyway!)!


Love the one with needle and button- very subtle!


This is funny Mandy especially after reading Gail's comments on Kirsten's page. If the woman in the bottom left is cleaning and smiling that would definitely be insanity for me. Thanks for brightening a very dull rainy day.


I shall just carry on as normal........


I thought you'd enjoy this one, Pat :~)


Thanks Ardy, I hope you have fun deciding what to do!


Wendy, the piglet should have bought boots in different colours, wearing 2 pairs of shoes in the same colour is insane!


Thanks Mandy this is truly my day ... will be celebrating ...


Thanks, Mandy. Don't know how I'll celebrate but I'm sure I can find something!! Very interesting information. I would have thought that plea to be much more recent.


I don't get it. What's wrong with what the piglet is doing?


LOL - thanks Barb - I guess it could!


I have to go to the dentist later this morning, Mandy ... does that count as temporary insanity? LOL
Thanks for the history behind this wacky celebration. :-))