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This photo was taken on Labor Day of this year when my daughter and I spent the day in Oregon's Cascade Mountains. I posted a couple other photos today showing the McKenzie River which we followed for many miles. That river flows out of Clear Lake which you see here in this photo. Clear Lake sits in an old lava flow. Snow melt in the mountains run underground and comes up in a huge spring that fills this lake. The crystal clear lake then flows out creating the McKenzie River. That is my daughter on the dock.


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dblay, when I was preschool age, my dad when a contest for catching the biggest fish out of that lake. That was about the last year before he stopped fishing, Terry


Another great picture of your daughter. Very nice. She seems to be talking to or watching those guys in the boat take off. That small boy seems to be ready and he is looking ahead to that absolutely beautiful Lake. What a nice thing for Dad to do -- take his boys fishing. Thank you for sharing this photo and your daughter with us. Great puzzle too.