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190 solves
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Hi Katie and Hanne, thankyou, I could do with growing fur myself I freezing put the heating on without my glasses so must go and check what number it's on


It's quite clear that some of them grow furs in these cold times!! They are awfully sweet, look like caterpillars with fur!! Thanks so very much June!!


Hi June, lots of color today made for a fun puzzle! Thanks!


thanks Joyce glad you liked it. Yes that's me except for the hair, mine is light brown usually in a pony tail


Gorgeous...each one!!! But I kept going back to the top middle!! The bottom middle would made a fabulous Christmas decoration!! I was curious about the little person in the bottom left but know don't have to ask. Fantastic puzzle. Thanks again June!! :)))))))))
(time, 3:54)


Hi Ardy, Robbie and Jen thank you, glad you liked them all, it's an old identity I made for the invitations and then forgot about. Just a little bit round


Yes, all good. Is that a new corporate identity in bottom left?


Hi June, I started your large puzzle and had quite a few pieces put together. My hand shook, hit an icon on the right and everything disappeared!!!! In it's place was a Bermuda moongate picture that Jenny took . So.....I solved this one instead and I like them all, but I'll attempt a different large one next week. Thanks.


Hi June, I don't really have a favorite except for all of them. Every time I try to choose several start calling to me. Guess I'll leave it at nine favorites today. Thanks, June.


thanks Barb, I like hard to pick days , I see lots of prickly ones today


Thanks for another great puzzle, June. Too difficult to pick a favourite today, they are all lovely. :-)


Hi Kirsten thanks, oh lots of them wave, get me out of here while I still can. I like the gerbera too


Really like the purple gerbera in the top right corner, June! And it waves at me when I scroll up and down!! LOL Thanks for the fun. :)))