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Mushrooms for Robbiel "hriby" everything edible

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On the bench is Ajinka


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Dear Erna, to Vienna, it is not so far from us I don't think so 500 km, I'm glad I made you happy


Thank you Kathleen, picking up mushrooms my whole life and I know that is bad and that all right, thank you for the comment, mushrooms can be dried, I could send you some:-))


Hi Jana, I remember going for a Mushroom hunt in the Vienna Woods that was always lots of fun for my brother & me, I still know the 'good' & the 'bad'..... You cleaned them up very nicely ! Good Cook you are ! thank you for showing. Erna


These look soooooo good, I love mushrooms but do not know how to tell good from bad. Would pop over for some but you are almost half way round the world from me, love jigidi to bring us all together, happy mushroom hunting.


Thank you Katwoody and Lindaisling, I am glad you like it :-)))


How interesting and beautiful they look.


This is a great photo, Jana - very interesting and I also enjoyed the comments.


Thank you Angel, I also love mushrooms and I love to go to the forest to collect, and then cook them from cuttings, such as those with egg, sauce with cream, it's goodness, my mouth is also watering, when I whrite it :-))


Denise,we live near the forest and collect mushrooms whole life, come, I love to cook for you :-))


Hi Robbie, thank you, Yes well so I cook, I still sometimes cumin and garlic, I'm glad you like it.

They are so huge! Edible ones found here are not that big. I see that huge "sponge" you were holding in the picture of you in the blue t-shirt with dogs on it!
My grandmother would slice them up and mix them in beaten eggs, fry them in butter and make patties that we would put on bread with catsup or mayonnaise for snacks. My mouth is watering, just thinking about it.
Thank you for bringing back memories, my good friend. I think I will look in the woods this spring.


Mushrooms???? Wow, they are huge. How do you know if they are poisinous or not. ?
Robbie will have to come and cook them for me:-)


Hi Jana, thank you again for a delicious looking puzzle! These look wonderful. I like to saute them in butter, salt and pepper, sometimes with sweet onions. I also make a mushroom pizza and a pasta cream sauce with big chunks of them. So you find these yourself do you?