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Blue Lightening

24 pieces
153 solves
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My theme today "the colour Blue"


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Oh Hi Monica..good to hear from you...It's the time barrier between our countries..Hence the reason for my late reply... Actually I'm at work now (10.45am) but everything is so quiet. We finish half day also as its Easter Holidays ! So looking forward to it....Gotta catch up with the shopping for the long weekend ahead. Most probably will spend it with the family. I do hope you have/had a great time with yours...Thanks for coming by..


Oh my goodness, this is sooooooo AWESOME! I've never seen blue lightening before! It's so incredibly beautiful, dangerous, but incredibly beautiful! Thanks Patricia! Hope your having a wonderful week my friend...Hugs


Thank you so much for your comment..much appreciated..Patricia


I appreciate your daily theme. ;)