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Potpourri159 - Engraved - It's deceiving. It's a lot more fun than it looks. :)) - Tiny - rj

36 pieces
51 solves
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Thank you Jill, you're so very welcome, hon. :))


What a beauty, Robyn! It had a great solve as well. Thank you so much! ... :-))




Wendy, thanks for that link. It was a great looking puzzle. I had to solve it, lol.

I hear where you're coming from and I have to agree that adding something to the title makes a difference. It does entice more people to give it a try. So I will add something to the next one again. But I think part of the problem also, is colour. Some people just love colour or nice bold colours and that's how they like to solve their puzzles, primarily. So without it or with subtle colours, fewer people will be attracted to them or enticed to give it a shot, and even if they do try it they still may not favour it over the colourful puzzles. That's to be expected. It's a unique effect and not for everyone. I think it's one of those puzzles that you're either going to love or not like at all, but, I agree that some people will be surprised that they find themselves liking the effect if they ever try it.

I'm not worried if it doesn't get a ton of solves. I just really like making them and then sharing them to give back. And if 50 or 60 people get enjoyment out of them, well, then that makes me very happy. :))

But I also want to thank you for all your help and advice about "titling" puzzles and editing the titles. I very much appreciated it. It taught me something worthwhile. So thank you very much for all your time and effort and for going out of your way to help me. That was very kind and thoughtful of you. :)))


Willy, Willy, thank you soooo much. What a lovely comment, Thank you!!! I'm so glad you like these ones. They're so much fun to create and I just love the effect and it's nice to make different kinds of puzzles. Variety is the spice of life. ;) And you too, are a very kind and friendly person, Willy. You always leave me lovely and informative comments, which are very much appreciated. :)))


Holy Cow! Willy, I missed your comment. Thank you, dear. :-))))


OHHHH, I just took a peek at my old database- this puzzle looked boring as heck in the thumbnail, but because of the title, I got people to check it out....and solve it. :-)
If I hadn't made that the title, it would have had less than half the solves it got.


Wow Robyn, are you realised how pretty this puzzle is? It is so fantastic, there is a special metal effect in it. Dark thumnail or not, I will always look at your special puzzles. In winter when I have more time I will solve the bigger ones, thank you alot,
Willy. :-)))
And I think that you and Wendy are both a nice person:-D


"Plus it helps that I think you're a very nice person." You're sweet, cute and funny Wendy. Thank you for those kind words. I'm going to check out the number of solves on the others too. I may have to have a better strategy for the next one, lol. ;)


It will be too late now to change the title. I find that most times 50-85% of my solves are in the first 24 hours. If I get some spare time later, I'm going to see how your others did with the 'suggestion.'
I mentioned it to you because you deserve to get lots more solves on this. Plus it helps that I think you're a very nice person. :-))))


Thank you for your advice Wendy. :))
I did that the first 2 times, but opted not to this time. If it doesn't get many solves compared to the 2 previous ones, I'll add something in the title again.
Very thoughtful of you to pass on your wisdom to me, hon. And you're right. That extra bit in the title is helpful for all those odd puzzles that look strange at first sight. :))


Robyn, I don't know if you care about how many solves you get or not, but it's a shame that most people are going to miss this incredible puzzle because of the way it appears in the thumbnail and preview pane. Twice I've posted puzzles along the same lines, and what I did is to put something like this in the Title- "Much Nicer Up Close and Personal". It worked!