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I have stitched several versions of this pattern from the Caron Collection


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Hooknstitch is one of my jigidi profile names where I post pictures of some of my needlework.
Hook for crochet, stitch for knitting... LOL I did hook a rug once, many years ago. still have it. But not used as a rug, it's attached to a wood frame for hanging.


Thank you petslave, I used to do a lot of knitting, still have tons of wool, but lately stitching is my passion. What is Hookstitch, is that rug making?


gorgeous. my needlework pictures, if posted, would be my other two profiles. Sewandsew and Hooknstitch. I do not do a lot of embroidery. some cross stitch years ago. I mostly sew, knit and crochet lately. this is just lovely!!!!

I would like to see the other versions you have stitched. Much lovelier when able to see the larger pillow.


Thank you Barbara, I enjoyed stitching them.


I have just looked at all your puzzles, Beautiful work so perfect.