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Cole and Luke as puppies

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Having forgotten their birthday last week I'm trying to make up for it by posting a collage of them as puppies.


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I used to do a lot of obedience training with my Dobermans and they were all very well trained Dagmar. These two barely walk on a leash and it all has to do with the fact that being a pair who are joined at the hip it's impossible to take one at a time to train them. They pay no attention to me and only look for the brother who's missing. I finally gave up because it was exhausting and got electric collars for them which work great. Since they are outdoor dogs who really never need to be on a leash I'm ok with that. The main thing is that they know who's boss and that's me and they both respect that.


Difficult to resist these faces. I suppose it wasn't easy not to smile at them instead of educating them when they were small. :))


Thanks Mary, they don't seem to mind being called cute :-)))


Very handsome. They are boys, so, handsome.
(Don't tell them, but I think they's cute too)


Thanks Mimi, little bundles of trouble is what they were :-)))


Awwwww.................they are so cute! :))


Thanks islandflyer. Glad you liked it.

Thanks Jana I'll pass along the cuddles to the boys :-)))


Love them both, so cute and sweet. Thank you for this wonderful collage Edie, hugs for you and big cuddle for Cole and Luke :-)))))))


Cute dogs and nice photo collage.


They were Marilyn but even now I'm amazed at how big they were at 8 weeks. I just found one of their vaccination records an at 18 weeks they weighed 47 lbs. each. :-)))


...and a very nice collage it is. I think they were very cute puppies.


Yes they are very forgiving Ardy and I think are still wondering what on earth they did to deserve that extra special treat today. Hope they don't expect to see it again any time soon :-)))


You and Kirsten can pet one each Barb that way at least Cole will get his share of attention. It's sometimes funny to watch how Luke will shove Cole out of the way if there's only one person to pet them and for some reason Cole lets him even though he is the boss in all other respects.


Thanks Kirsten they would love that but don't dare scratch or pet Cole without doing Luke at the same time. He is so jealous that he will walk between you and Cole to make sure that he gets all the attentions. He's one of those me, me, me, me kids.


I believe that you're right Lorna. They were a little hesitant to take their baguettes at first. Weren't sure if I was serious or not.


Yes they are PJ. I told them that they are being admired world wide and they were quite pleased with themselves :-)))


Such sweet babies who have grown into handsome dogs. Thanks, Edie for sharing. I'm sure they have forgiven your slip of memory.


Adorable puppies, handsome now. Thanks for the wonderful collage, Edie. Tummy rubs and back scratches seem to be in order, and I'm sure that sandwich was a very welcome treat. :-))


Happy birthday Cole and Luke!! They are soooo gorgeous, Edie. Thanks for posting this collage so we could see them up a bit more close and personal. I just want to give them big scratches behind their ears. (•‿•)


Lovely collage Edie, and I am sure they enjoyed their belated birthday treat and bear no grudges!


Goodness, how cute they were, wonderful to see the enlarged images of the finished puzzle,
And I'm sure Cole and Luke are so happy now that you have posted a collage of them, LOL,


I've had them inside at Petsmart twice as puppies and it's quite the challenge Faye. Even my vet comes here now if they need anything. I think more for her sake than for mine :-)))


Love that expressions Florrie. Something I had forgotten but might start using again. I made them each a ham and cheese sandwich on a baguette instead of a cake so I'm sure that all is forgiven :-))


Aaaaaw! But I'm afraid if I brought those cuties home they'd still be "around the house"! LOL


Thanks SamSammy. Even at 8 weeks old they were big puppies. Now they're about 120-125 lbs each.


Thanks Jan. I got them at exactly 8 weeks and the bottom right corner was the day after I got them.


Thanks Lia, they are very forgiving dogs :-)))


How sweet and adorable and I'm sure they forgive you! :))


So adorable as puppies. AWWWW


Lovely pictures! I am sure they will forgive you! We do:))