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Mimi's new great granddog, Tigerlily!

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It turns out that Bella (the older beagle) was not fond of Evie, so they gave her (Bella, not Evie) to an older couple who fell in love with her. This new puppy and Evie fall all over each other and have a ball! It's a better fit.


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Thank you jana for your dear comment!


She is so beautiful, so a little darling, thank you very much:-)))


That's a great idea Ann. I will ask Laura about Evie's name for Lily. Evie talks pretty well for 2 years old, but she doesn't always get pronunciations right! Thanks. And thanks for your always great comment!


Hello, Mimi. So sorry Bella didn't work out. I had wondered how the two of them got along. I'm so very glad she is with an older, more sedate couple who love her. This, though, is really great---these two can rough & tumble all day & still want more! The dog has been taught by her mom & siblings when enough roughness is enough. And by the time the new baby comes Lily will be so attuned to Evie that she will be on her way to becoming a true "Nana" (as in Peter Pan). And don't forget to ask Laura what Evie calls Lily, in her own little girl 'language'! Might be fun to know.................


Oh Ank, that's wonderful I think we all knew Micky was Royalty, and now it is official! Laura promises me lots of pictures so I'm going to have fun sharing these two cute little beings with my friends! Thanks for the interest!


Thanks Mimi, that's much better, of course the name for te register is mostly longer. Sit down and hold your self, her comes Micky's name: Royal Micky of Castelyard. Don't blame me, I can't help. I just wanted Micky. But the name you use must not be longer than two syllables. Otherwise, the dog thinks that you're telling fairytales. lol
I hope we will see a lot of photos of her, when it's possible, with Evie. It's so nice when they grow up together.


Ank, I just talked to Laura and they call the puppy Lily. Her registered name is Tigerlily Carolina!


Thanks Pat, Sally, Hanne and Libby! I can't wait to meet her! I hope Laura send lots of pictures of Evie and Tigerlily together!


Who could not fall in love with that face?!? Cutie-pie for sure, thanks Mimi! ;-)))


What a darling!! Thanks so very much, Mimi!!


Mimi, you have the cutest ganddoggies.... Thanks for the smile.... :) :)


He's a cutie thanks MImi


I appreciate all the great comments and thank each and everyone, Petsmom, Gnt, Laura, Jan, Pinknblack, Healer, Pat and Ank. I'm sure Evie and the pup will have a great time growing up together. I think we all need to pray for stamina for Laura next July when she'll have a 2 year old, a puppy and a brand new baby to look after. Fortunately Dave is a hands on kind of Dad, he'll be a big help I'm sure. Anyway they're a fun little family and I love to share them with my dear Jigidi friends! Oh, by the way, Ank, I'm not sure what they actually call the pup. I'll have to email Laura and ask her.


Very good news MImi. A beagle is a special kind. People think it is an easy dog, but no. Oh yes they can be easy, if you can let them go outside running for many hours.This is much better. And they grow up together. He looks very sweet. Mimi I think we need a lot of photos of Evie with her pup. Uh Mimi do they really call her Tigerlily, a nice name but too long for calling a dog. Tiger or Lily will be better. Love it, thanks


She's adorable, Mimi! :-)))


Such a little cutie Mimi.


Cute pup. Cute name.


Most excellent choice. You can't have the Queen of the House (Evie) unhappy with her minions! LOL thanks, Mimi!


Ooooo...she's gorgeous! Who can resist those chocolate brown eyes?


very cute puppy mimi

Sorry that Bella didn't work out - but glad that her new family is a better match. Tigerlily is adorable. Glad she's a better fit. Evie will have fun growing up with the new puppy. Thanks for the pic, Mimi.


Thank you Elizabeth. And thanks for stopping by!


absolutely adorable!