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Glorious Hanging Baskets

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I really wonder how soon the Greenhouse starts their Hanging-baskets to be so lush by the mid of May !


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You are welcome, Kat ! You love your Destruction Derby Cat Team ... and I am glad that my destructo-cat is back, too ! He loves to scratch on shoes ! I left an old pair of Hikers on the floor for him until now ... they were just sooo scratched, it was embarrassing to keep around !
Anyway, to the baskets ... the hardest thing I find every time is to clip the plants back after buying them so they will fill out ... it's almost painful for me to do !!!


Wow, Puzzles . . . this particular hanging basket is absolutely stunning! With the humidity level in most greenhouses, I imagine these simply take off and grow by leaps and bounds in a very short period of time. Plus all of the tender loving care and nutrients they receive in this Greenhouse. Gorgeous. Thank you (I say this wistfully while looking at my destruction derby cats! :) for another lovely puzzle.