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Potpourri171 - Collage4 - Small - rj

100 pieces
249 solves
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Glad you enjoyed it again, Sue. I'm also glad you can at least drop by here for a sachi fix every once in a while. :)) And you're always welcome, hon. My pleasure!! :))


That was great, Robyn. I had tried it before in the smaller size. I have been missing Sachi and knew you had some fabulous puzzles that would make me smile. Thanks for that.


Edie, I'm so glad you got a chance to solve this puzzle and glad that you enjoyed it too. You're so welcome, hon. :))

Hi Raini. Thank you for the lovely compliment. You're most welcome. I'm glad you liked it. :))


Willy... Glad you enjoyed this and 8:48 is a very respectable score! :))
I will check for your puzzles under "Miscellaneous" now. Thank you for letting me know. :))

Cindy, you're most welcome, hon. Thank you for the compliment, too. I'm very pleased you enjoyed the puzzle. :))


Very impressive Robyn ~ the textures, colours and composition are superb ! This one really is a standout. Thank you so much ! :-)))


I've been waiting for a chance to get to this one Robyn. Every time I see it it calls to me so this time I answered. Lots of fun. Thanks

Another great puzzle, Kirsten!!! The textures are amazing and I love all the many different colors and shadings!!! They are complex looking and, yet, I am able to solve them (slowly), but that's OK. Thanks again for the great and joyful entertainment you provide!!! Just wish I had more time each day!


Wow Robyn, so fun, thank you for the pleasure I was have.:-))))
I love the details alot. 8:48 is not so bad LOL,
Listen Robyn, I put my puzzles now in the Miscellaneous category, so when you want to visite me, you find me there.




Well, I'll look at a puzzle up close after solving, but I don't ever remember going over each pattern separately like I did with this one. :-)))))


Awww, thank you Wendy. I'm glad you did that, got to see them up close. I love checking puzzles up close. I don't always do it, but often enough. They're always so interesting and you get to see things you don't otherwise notice (like your girl's hair, that had me mesmerized). It's fun and informative. :)))


Robyn, I so very rarely do this, but I checked out every pattern you used after solving and being able to see this up close and personal. I absolutely love so many of the patterns/prints that you chose to include. :-))))))


Hi Jan. Thank you for your lovely comment. You're most welcome, hon. I'm very pleased you enjoyed the puzzle. :)) I love adding some depth or a 3-D effect to my puzzles, if I can. It's so much fun to do and sometimes makes for interesting solving, too. :))


Robyn, this was a wonderful puzzle to solve. It is beautiful, also. I love the 3-D Thanks.


First of all thank you for you lovely comments, as always, Wendy.

You did tell me once before that you don't visit your Wendy puzzles, so no problem. I still leave messages anyway, LOL, even on Sachi's old ones. It's a habit of mine. I figured at least it'll be there if ever one day in the future you take a peak and if you never do, that's ok too. :))


Robyn, this is MAGNIFICENT! My hand is killing me today so I'll have to solve this tomorrow or the next day, but ohhhh, it's WONDERFUL.

On another note, I had told you once before, but I guess you missed it. I don't visit my Wendy puzzles anymore, but I took a peek yesterday and saw that you left a new comment on one. There are a few others I saw have left comments as well, so I'm going to sign in and respond to them today or tomorrow. I feel bad though, because I don't want you to think I was being rude for not responding. I haven't been 'over there' since July 7th and that was only for a few seconds!