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It's a pink and purple kind of day

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Thanks, Francine. Can't live without my Jigidi...


Computer definitely a necessity. Hope it all works out well for you.


Thanks very much, Barb, Kirsten and Francine. Lela, anything you say...

Francine, tomorrow I'm having to bite the bullet and have a computer person over to install a new hard drive and upgrade my Windows operating system and Internet Explorer. I'm having issues every day using my very old computer. I didn't want to have to spend the money to do it, but my computer is my lifeline to the outside world. It seems everything comes in waves, what with Norton's illness, trying to sell my house, etc. But I'm getting way too many viruses that are crippling my computer.


Gail, I read your browser comments on Kirsten's. A year ago I switched to Chrome from Internet Explorer because it offered more features. It was fine till late last summer, then something changed so that it felt puzzle pieces had to be pushed through molasses. I've recently installed Firefox and am pleased with it. (hee-hee - still haven't deleted the other two browsers!). Letting you know you have options. Good luck with your problem.


I hope it's about to turn into a happy yellow day! :)))




Another beauty here, Gail. Love the pattern and you've chosen colours that go so well together. :-)