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Uncle Al and Aunt Esta's old Motel and Gas station

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Gold Field Nv. My Moms side were all miners and lived in the deserts of Nv. and worked the mines from the 1900 into the 1980s. gold, Turquoise, mercury, copper, lithium, amd other important ores and metals were on the menu for the miners back in those days. I still have my uncles Hand picked turquoise, copper and even a bottle of mercury. Oh yes, I recyced the mecury, too dangerouse to keep. When we were kids we spent christmas at their homes and had the entire desert to explore. What fun that was. Then in the 1960s you still could find some nice old bottles and cans from the turn of the century even found an old horse harness so baked in the sun it was crisp. Love those trips.


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Having family that lived and died and buried in such a remote place makes me feel a little unique. I really enjoy going to the desert and hearing the wonderful quiet that falls so heavy on ones ears. Its bliss and even more special when the few birds that visit such a far away place sing their unique tunes. Its a special place to me. Thank you for your posts.

Goldfield Nev. sits atop a high desert mountain ridge over 100 miles north of Beatty Nev. & 100 miles south of Tonapah Nev. with virtually nothing in between. Very desolate but beautiful in its own way. A prosperous old mining town, just as the miners left it when they walked away. Just a hand full of residents still there. Located on US Hiway 95 that runs from Mexico to theCanadian border. Thanks for the post jubatis, been thru there many times. I've stayed several times & had dinner at the old "Mizpah" hotel in Tonapah Nev.

Thanks for the story about your picture! Fun to know