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Little Washington....

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Fall color of a maple tree over the road by the OLD stone house.


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This is the easiest site to use to add text to a photo Warbler. You can do this..... First thing is to click "Edit a photo" and upload your photo. you should now see it in the program. In the left column click on "Tt" (text button) and you will now see a column of text styles. Choose one by clicking on it then click add text in the box above. When you click that box it make a white box on your photo. Type your message. When finished click on it and you can then drag and resize the text to where you want it on the photo. If you make an error look at the arrows above the photo and use them. you will also see an extra box on the left side for some fancy stuff...easily labeled and easy to use. Really is. When all finished click save listed above the photo and save to your computer.

I hope you try it. It's pretty simple and if you hit a snag let me know and I'll see if I can talk you through it.


Stunning. Sorry, hopelessly slow at 31secs!


Thanks snooker. Got it!


Thanks Mary!

The cleaning up is best left to others, Maria. I'm lucky I can mow and blow mine.

Your welcome Robyn, thanks Lorna!


Ditto all the previous comments - beautiful!


A really nice shot Dave - I love the play of light on the leaves! Thanks.


Spectacular I love the Autum colors that mother nature brings but not the cleaning up Thanks Dave


Another beauty.
Thanks David.
mary l.


Ahhhh, perfect fall color! Thank you WD!


I'm sorry to hear that, Aggie. I hope everything is ok with you at your place.


Leaves make good compost, Floyd. I know I saw some good color from you earlier, too!


Great fall colors Dave. Our dead no color leaves are in the compost pile.


Ha! Your right Laura! They tried to be yellow but were overpowered by red.

Thanks Beekay, Color has just really broken out in the last 3-4 days here.


Very nice color indeed. Thank you.


I like the yellow veins in the orange leaves, Warbler. This is a great shot!


Good eye, Pumpkin, catching the details!

I'm glad you stop by anytime Faye. If I want to be on the leaderboard of bigger puzzles, I have to dream!

Thanks smllpkg!

I'm glad you enjoyed them Barb!

In the last 3-4 days colors have really popped out here, Toto. I may have to take a break from Little Washington to post a few.


The colors have been so wonderful this year. A great year for leaf peeping!


Great set tonight, Warbler :) Thank you!


Gorgeous shot!


Great colour. If I want to make the leader board on small puzzles, I just HAVE to get there early! LOL


Pretty color, just being kissed a bit by the sun.