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Merry Christmas--Tugman22 Size (LOL)

420 pieces
19 solves
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That's kinda what my bride said re: glutton. Shook her head and remarked "I don't know how you do that."
So,...I remain "Fired Up,...ready to go!"
Bring it. LOL


Are you a glutton for punishment, fella?! LOL! Right now, I'm doing Aishahm's Tetris one, and it's a true monster. But I have another monster ready to go soon, so beware--forewarned is forearmed!


Thank you pd! At 78% completion I knew I wasn't "making the board." Didn't matter! I consolidated the remaining pieces, enlarged the screen (again) and bingo! I had a big grin when I finished. What's next?


YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!! What a trooper, treker! LOL! I don't know how you managed it under those conditions, but I'm impressed as heck! Thanks so much! :-)))


Finally!! The last third was the best. A great challenge. Thanks pd for a dandy!
A larger screen would have helped immensely. I had to enlarge the screen, search for a piece, move the screen sideways, and on and on. (18:01:55)


I discovered the hard way that if I pause a puzzle, then leave the computer for, say, 15 minutes, when I come back, the screen will still pop up with the puzzle, and I'll go on my merry way solving it, only to discover that in the interim the computer and/or Jigidi no longer had me logged in. When I finish the puzzle, it won't credit me with the solve, or post the time, and the puzzle remains in my "unsolved" bookmarks. That happened on the Jekyll one I did that took just shy of 9 hours, and I took photos of the solved puzzle and the pop-up box with the time, just to prove I really had done it! So now, whenever I step away, I always go back and click on "my puzzles" or "bookmarks"--anything that won't show up if I'm no longer logged in. If they show up, I can continue the solve. If it shows "log-in", I do that before I go back to finish the solve. Saves a lot of grief! LOL!


I sort pieces in exactly the same way Pat... when I have a puzzle of this type to solve!! My biggest problem yesterday was that my laptop lost its internet connection part way through and I couldn't save what I'd done... in the end I went to a cafe where I knew I could get wi-fi - just so I could save it... I've been caught out too many times with puzzles that on completion cannot be submitted!!! I do love the big ones though... I just have to restrain myself from solving them all LOL :~)


Oh, I know that feeling! I spent just shy of 9 hours on a monster by Jekyll (who turns out to be Jill4art), and I wanted to tear my hair out when an hour would go by with just a dozen pieces placed....... It's better to switch off and do others and then come back--I usually find that I get a burst of connections when I look at it with fresh eyes....


As I crawl along, I'll be lucky to make the board,...period. Going nowhere fast.
After 3 hours it's time for a change, and...some Crown Royal! LOL


I started by sorting into shapes, too, which is how I usually approach a tugman puzzle. What I mean is that I sorted out the pieces with 4 knobs, 3 knobs except for the bottom, 3 knobs except for the top, and so on down to no knobs. But halfway through the sorting I decided that that was useless for this, and went with what I described. Only when I had the lattice in place did I go back to the shapes. Whatever we did, though, we're in second and third, so it worked for us! (Of course, only 9 people with profiles have solved this so far, so we would be on the board whatever our time...! LOL!).


I have to confess I did it purely on logic... sorted the pieces into shapes and then matched either circles or diamonds along the rows and columns from the corners... and wished I had a bigger screen - LOL - it is a wonderful puzzle Pat.


You did it! Oh, lordy, wasn't it something else?!! I built up chains of pieces where the green circles were perfectly centered and others where the blue diamonds were, and fit them into the frame. I ended up with a lattice work design with empty 4-piece squares between all the columns and rows. Fitting the pieces into that was a pain! Thanks for taking up the challenge, Mandy! :-)))


Phew!!! What a puzzle!!! Thanks Pat :~)


Bravo, Olya! And it's so nice to see you! Thanks for coming onto my puzzles and leaving such nice comments! :-)))


Mission accomplished :-)


Merry Christmas, Zatoichicat, John, and Bex_7!!!!!

I'm so happy my puzzle made for a pleasant (!) way to spend Christmas Eve, Zatoichicat! As for John's puzzle, I don't think I'm going to have the block of 7 (or maybe 10!) more hours I need for it at any time today! But I will be back! And watch out for soaring porcine creatures... LOL!

Thanks, John--you've become a trademark name for me in my comments to others: I compare all the puzzles people complain are hard to "tugman monsters"! It's been a lot of fun doing your puzzles and "talking" to you this year--I hope 2013 is just as wonderful!

I'm so glad you like my puzzles, Bex! I really have fun making puzzles, so it's never like work, but like play instead. I always appreciate it when people take the time to tell me they enjoy what I do--I can still remember my first puzzles and the comments I got, and how thrilled I was to see them! So thank you for letting me know, and I promise I'll keep on making more for you to do battle with! LOL!


This is absolutely funny, Pat!! Merry Christmas to you and thanks for you humour!!


Merry Christmas pdevredis!!! thanks for all your lovely puzzles this year, I really do appreciate all the hard work you do for us! :-) I'm working on this one...22% so far....! I love these challenges so if you ever feel like creating more then you'll definately get a least one solve! :-) Thanks again and have a lovely Christmas! :-) Bx


Christmas Day for us both now, although you should still be snuggled up like "a bug in a rug"!! I've bookmarked this for one of my "masochistic" days. Nice to have a jig dedicated to me. Many thanks. We've had some good "sparring" in 2012 and look forward to the same next year. Have a great Christmas and an excellent 2013. :o)))))


Merry Christmas pdevredis65 ! And all our Jigidi family and friends.... Thank you for a Zen Christmas Eve... pd ... I love your puzzles... now I have to go back to John's monster and have my eyes scrambled. :-)))) And, if y'all get on the ladder with me before I get tossed out, the pigs can really soar! LOL


Exactly! The next time I want to do a monster, I can do one of mine! LOL!

I didn't post it in any other size, because it really is just for a challenge--the design is just the Christmas swirl mirrored and copied a zillion times...




I can see that this is a puzzle that will get more comments than solves...! LOL! I always fall for tugman's monsters, so I thought turn-about was fair play!

Thanks, treker and precious pebble! :-)))


LOLOL, treker. :DDD


I hit the solve button, pieces appeared, I passed out!!!