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Spring 2012 on my garden for Angel

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Spring April 2012 on my garden behind the House


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Hi Angel, blue flowers are Forget-me-nots .Irisis are white, yellow, light blue, pink and purple.
You need 5 bottles. One is to do a little hole in the underside of bottom , so strong, how is the wire, on which the bottle will .The below 4 cylinder cut off the bottom of the about 8 cm high, using the wire shall be attached to the first third of the whole bottle. Do you understand it?
I'll do a picture at close range and send puzzle :-))

I was a little too slow to make the board, Jana. You have a nice rock garden. I saw some little blue flowers at the left side. Are they Forget-Me-Nots? What color are the Iris?

puzzeljac, we haven't met, but could you and Jana please tell me about the pet-bottles hanging in the garden. I have never seen them in the USA, but sure could use something to keep the birds from making holes in my tomatoes. Do you buy them or make them?


Ank, tell your cousin, thank his pet-bottles, the birds eat not my strawberries and grape wine :-))


Then we have to say thanks to my cousin. He is the inventor of the pet-bottles. Funny.


No, it's made of pet-bottles pinwheels, there grow later strawberries, pinwheel rotates and cancelled the birds
Nee, het gemaakt van pinwheels pet-flessen, er later groeien aardbeien, molen draait en dat de vogels geannuleerd :-))


Lovely. Are there dolls in the fence?