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Today is Sewing Machine Day! Thomas Saint patented the first sewing machine in 1790. Since then, the sewing machine has become one of the iconic symbols of the Industrial Revolution, representing the transition from traditional handmade goods to automated production.

For many decades the sewing machine was a standard household appliance, but it is no longer considered a domestic necessity. Although the heyday of the sewing machine has come and gone, we can still recognize its significance in our history. Without this important invention, the process of making clothing (and any sewn item) would be extremely tedious. Each article would have to be sewn by hand, stitch by stitch!

To celebrate Sewing Machine Day, dig out your sewing machine and start a new project, or sign up for a sewing class to learn this important handcraft!

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I love anything creative whatnauts, so I have boxes of all kinds of crafts... including one full of fabrics waiting to be made up - I do have to dust off my machine soon, as I have to make covers for the seats in our caravan/bus/conversion, and I'm thinking of what else I can use it for while it's out!!

Oh Josie, I'm sorry Lovey is mad at you :~( I hope he or she gets over it soon!!

That's lovely you could do that Pat, I made clothes for myself, but the children preferred the shop bought ones... I did once buy some clothkits for them, which were beautiful, but my girls were not keen!! I've made them dolls clothes though and curtains and cushion covers etc to their taste for their rooms, which they loved.


OH my I have used just about everyone of these... I started sewing doll clothes when I was 6 or 7.. My mom had a treadle machine.... I always loved to sew ... when the kids were little I made there clothes ... I really didn't have to but enjoyed doing it... Thanks You Mandy ... You are so preciuos...


Mandy, you are amazing, thank you, Lovey is still made at me though, ask Edie. Still hugging the cat.


I loved sewing from the first minute I sat at a sewing machine in home economics class - way back when :)))) I've sewn a lot of clothes in my time! I used to make all my suits and blouses for work. I'd go in streaks where I either felt like doing the actual sewing or where I was only in the mood to pin and cut fabric (weird I know!), but for many years, I always had several projects in various stages of production. I haven't done any sewing for the last couple of years, although I do have several nightgowns cut out and ready for the machine. And then there's the closet full of fabric for when the mood strikes. However, I'd have to spend a few hours tidying up the hobby room and clearing everything else off the sewing table.....


Thanks Ardy, your grandmother's old treadle machines sounds interesting... it was probably state of the art at the time. It's strange, but I never liked sewing stretchy fabrics with a sewing machine, but I got an overlocker for that, and it worked brilliantly.

I wondered if you would have been a sewing person Magda, what a shock when your electric pedal caught fire, I hope no-one was hurt. I love sewing, but these days I find my computer on the table where the sewing machine used to sit!! LOL

I really admire seamstresses Barb, the people who can turn bolts of cloth into beautiful clothes, and create the patterns etc, I think are very talented. I can manage to follow a pattern, but designing and creating your own is something very special. My sewing machine is almost exactly 30 years old... and I still have it... it's very basic, but have been really reliable over the years!

You're welcome Willy - I take it you don't use a sewing machine!!

I love knitting and crochet too Edie, but I used to go through phases of enjoying one more than the other, so sometimes I'll have lots of knitting on the go, and at other times lots of sewing... it would depend on my mood.... having said that... these days it's usually Jigidi that I spend my time with!!! Thanks for visiting!


Only ever learned the very basics. Much preferred knitting and crocheting to sewing but always had a machine to hem up pants or skirts. Thanks for this puzzle and info.


Thank you Mandy for the info,


I still have the sewing machine I got about 30 odd years ago although I hardly ever use it any more. One of my aunts was a seamstress and she helped me make a suit! That was tough for someone who has no natural ability when it comes to needle and thread. Thanks for another interesting WK puzzle, Mandy. :-)


I have sewn a lot. Ready made clothes not being available when my kids were small, I made a hobby out of sewing their outfits. Now I have no more sewing machine, my electric one's pedal having caught fire, and given me a fright. Also I am trying out my creativity (or lack of it) on jigidi instead! LOL


My grandmother had a treadle sewing machine. I used to like to play with it but never did much sewing. I did do more when polyester fabrics came out and took a "Stretch And Sew" class. Made some slacks and t-shirts but couldn't quite manage plackets and fancier things. No longer have a machine. Thanks, Mandy. A good day to celebrate.