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Yellow Shines

42 pieces
74 solves
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Glad you had fun with it Diane :-)

This reminds me of some of the balls that my grand children play with.Not any that I recall from my childhood. Thank you for this fun puzzle. DIANE FROM N.J.


Kirsten, you are more than welcome. Hopefully we will bump into each other every now and then :-)

Roerick, soooooo sorry to hear that you have been under the weather with the flu!!!!! That stuff can knock you flat. Hope this week you feel lots better. Glad I could be of service LOL :-)

Thanks Ladywil :-)

Canoekaw, the yellow perhaps?


I thought of Easter when I completed this one.


Another very colorful one. Thanks


Goody, goody. More puzzles from Kathy. Thanks for helping me get thru the last two weeks with the flu. Finally getting well and back to the real world tomorrow. Oh, well. Have a great week.


Yes. Yes it does. In your hands, it GLOWS!!! Thanks for another delightful one Kathy. :)))

And just to let you know, I'm back at work on Wednesday. And have lots of errands to run today (Monday) and tomorrow. So you'll be seeing a bit less of me from here forward. Dammitall. I love being on hols, and having all the time in the world to visit my friends and do their marvellous puzzles.